Allegheny Reservoir Regulations?

I’m doing a weekend trip to Kinzua (Allegheny Reservoir) this weekend. I’m planning on using one of the boat-in campsites. The problem is I’m getting conflicting info from the website and calls I’ve made.

My canoes are legally registered and current in Ohio. I want to park a car for two nights.


Do I still need to buy the PA launch permit?

Do I need to buy the $45 parking permit or do they have a temporary one?

Can I leave a vehicle overnight at any of the launch sites?

I appreciate any help you can offer.


I can help with the first question. If you have a current OH reg. You do NOT need anything else in terms of permit. PA has reciprocal agreement with other states.

Cannot answer the parking q. Others here know more about this as well as security of parking areas.

Welcome from a SW PA resident. There are a bunch of folks from OH, PA, and NY …oh and WV that paddle together regularly. Keep an eye open here on Pnet.



to the lake.

You need neither a launch permit nor registration for canoe or kayak in Pa. unless you are launching at a Fish and boat Commission or DCNR launch. You are good to go there.

You didn’t say where you are launching, but if at any of the non-attended launches there is a $5 parking fee per day. You do not need the $45 launch permit, but if you go to Kiasutha, they’ll ask if you want it. ($5 fee per day here too)

You can park your vehicle overnight.

Boat-in campsites now charge a camping fee also. I believe it’s $10 per night.

Have a good time. We’ll be back in Sugar bay if you get up arond that area, give a shout.


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Ragadas got it all correct.

Willow Bay Launch is about the safest to leave your vehicle. Next would probably be Kiasutha. However, if you don't leave anything of obvious value laying out, Elijah and Roper Launches are pretty nice also.

There is a NO CHARGE launch/parking at Sugar Bay and another beside the bridge at Red Bridge. I have never had problems here, but I just can't sleep well leaving my vehicle all night at Sugar Bay. Still, I have not read nor heard of vandalizm there and have friends that do this regularly.

Have a safe and happy trip.

Oh yeah, one more. On the reservoir, I believe all canoes and kayak operators/passenegers MUST WEAR a legal PFD. I believe that is clearly posted at all access areas.

Thank you all for the information.

I was starting to think it would be cheaper to stay in a hotel than camp.

I’m planning on camping at Hooks Brook, so the Willow Bay launch works great. I’ll try to get to Sugar Bay to say hello. Please do the same if you’re near Hooks Brook. I’m taking my Wee-No-Nah Vagabond and my friend will have his Holy Cow.

I’ve read a lot of great stories here from the group in PA and I would like to meet up with them someday. So far the timing hasn’t worked out, but I’m sure it will sooner or later.

Thanks again


BTW: The PFD has become a habit. If I’m in the boat the jacket is on.

Maybe I will see you out there
Haven’t finalized all my weekend plans yet. Willow is my usual launch. Hooks is a short paddle away. The campsites well up into the Hooks Bay are most favored by Pnet regulars. Have a safe trip.