Allegheny River above Kinzua Dam?

Anybody have any info on the river from Coudersport to Kinzua? I’m having trouble finding much at all. Sure would appreciate any info you might have. Thanx

I think Conk has done that section
Just don’t leave your boat unattended in Salamanca.

…if you’re out there, I need your help!

It is usually floatable from Port A…
I have never been upstream of Port A but can tell you that if the Eldred guage gets below 3 ft, you will have some scratchy spots before Eldred. From Eldred downstream, I have never bumped bottom unless intentional.

Any more info?
Dug this post up from way back.

I kind of have an obsession with the Allegheny and have been thinking about paddling it from as near the source as possible.

Good info about the Eldred guage. Is it worth going further up to Coudersport? Anyone been there? The guage is at 7 ft right now. Any odd obstructions at that height? Strainers a problem?