Allegheny River - Kinzua Dam to Tionesta

Five of us, four in kayaks, and me in a solo canoe, will be paddling from Kinzua Dam to Tionesta in mid September. We’re planning for three days and two nights, and camping on the public islands.

I’ve read what I could find, but there are a few questions that still need answers.

I’m kinda assuming that firewood on the islands is scarce to nonexistent. Am I right?

Are there specified camp areas on the islands, or are things pretty much camp-where-you-want?

Is drinking water available along the way, or should we plan on carrying our water for the full trip?

Will we need Fish Commission Launch Permits?

Anything we absolutely must see or do around the Dam or in Tionesta?

Good but affordable restaurants in Tionesta?

Any suggestions or advice would be most welcome!


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Ivy is a beautiful red color in the fall'

Yes. add the Big A to the east fall trip

Search: current conditions for Pennsylvania streamflow

There is a paddling guide for the

I have paddled sections of it a couple of times but have no local knowledge or memory of our put in and take out.

The author had the guidebook at the SW PA Solo Canoe Rendezvous and it looked good but I did not buy it as I wasn’t planning on paddling the Allegheny other than on a preplanned Sojourn.

The guide has all the information you seek.

As you paddle past
the oil refinery in Warren, you will be greeted with massive amounts of noise and stench in the air. Flame rapid is interesting too.

Nice trip

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I did that going from Kinzu to Emlenton.

You will need permits. The first place you put in is Kinzu rec area and is state park. Tionesta is Fish Comm. You need permits to use fish comm or state park launches.

Firewood is hit and miss. If the water level left enough there that people havent used, then there will be some. Take a stove. Not all of the islands are public on the river, but I think most are up that far. If you bring it in, take it out.
Camping is first come and there are not camp "sites" laid out. Thompsons Island was the site of the only Rev war battle fought in NW PA

You need to carry water, or bring a filter.

DO NOT stop on the islands around the plant that are marked no trespassing or your trip will be cut short by the boys in blue.

No idea on restaurants.

Must see.... Get on the river by 0730 when it is quiet. You will see eagles, deer, and various critters.