Allegheny to the Gulf of Mexico

I am planning a kayak trip from Allegheny resevoir to the Gulf, starting the First week in September 2013. I am a solo kayaker but would love to hear from folks that would like to join in on any part of the trip.

trip partner
Ok Ok I’ll do it. But I ahve to leave you in Warren Pa.

good luck
i’ve toyed with the idea of floating the mississippi from memphis to the gulf. so far it’s just a thought and a heckuva one…good luck!

sounds fun. make sure you look up john ruskey on the lower mississippi…he IS the river man!!!

Check out john at Quapaw Canoe Company.

Cool trip.

Why start at the Reservoir though? I think a lot of people forget that the river runs a long way through some very pretty country before the Kinzua Dam.

Just sayin’ :slight_smile: