Allenwater River in Wabakimi

We are planning an extended trip on the Allenwater River around the first of September.We’re going to use the train for a shuttle to the Allenwater Bridge and would like to get back to the tracks so to use the train as a shuttle back.

Has anyone been down the Allenwater and have any thoughts.

Is there any web sites that have trip reports?



Never made the Allen Water river…
section, but had planned to paddle back via, I believe, Wabakimi lake towards Smoothrock lake and on to Caribu lake, finishing on a narrow long lake from portage almost directly south on Caribu from were you would enter Caribu on the north side on the way back. You finish at the small bridge on an access road that comes north out of Armstrong to a fly-in on Caribu. Your car will be safe there. Do it in mid May and you won’t see a soul, or any damn bugs, at least till June 1st or so. Have done about 6 trips up there including the route I described, albiet from a circle route of Caribu>Smoothwater>Whitewater>Ogoki river>Wabikimi>Smoothrock>Caribu. Saw alot of caribu, moose, a few bear and wolves also. Great fishing early May also.

route planning
you don’t state the length of your “extended” trip, but a loop route at allenwater bridge may not be your best bet. a more typical route would be allenwater river system north to a fly out location, or a paddle out to caribou or little caribou near armstrong which is what i would recommend if you don’t want to fly and have the time. river systems are flowing generally north. west bound train usually on time, east bound train is not. not recommended to leave a vehicle in the bush. mattice lake outfitters (don elliott) or wilderness connections (jim pearson). will be there at the same time-two ancient ones in a q18.5!

Allanwater upstream
I have done it between Granite and Wabakimi Lakes and dont recommend it. There arent any portages as most folks do it downstream. Its a real b to go upstream. You cant line and you have to crawl through the woods.

Have you talked to either Don or Jim as mentioned above? Last year I was on Kenoji watching a huge fire eat up territory on the Allanwater near Wabakimi. I dont know if campsites are left.

It is possible to go back south through the Lookout River and grab the eastbound VIA at Shultzs Crossing but the eastbound arrives around midnight–if its on time. Its about the same travel time as going out through Caribou and Little Caribou.