Ally vs. PakBoat folding canoes

With gas prices doing what they are, we are looking at purchasing a folding canoe that we can transport in our Honda CRX. (40+ mpg vs. 13 in the pickup) We took the Northwind to the BWCA last summer on the CRX and had a rough time with heavy winds. (65mph winds on the Duluth bridge)

I did an archive check on the subject and found a similar query from '03. I an hoping that since then there may be some of you who have had a chance to compare the two boats and can share the relative merits.


For example: The 18’ Alley weighs 47 lbs. The 17’ PakBoat weighs 53lbs. Is there a structural difference that justifies the extra weight?

I can’t comment on the Pak boat, but
On a sixteen day wilderness trip on the Noatak River in the Artic Circle I was really impressed with thw Ally.

They are rugged and we used them through class II water.

After putting one together the first time, from then on was very easy and quick.