"Alone in the Wilderness" on PBS

Did anyone else catch this? Here’s a guy who, after a workplace accident nearly blinded him, moves to the Alaskan wilderness & lives alone there for 35 years (until age 82!)

He built his own cabin using only hand tools & the logs he cleared & stone he gathered. He paddled his canoe April-Sept. & used a push-sled during the frozen months.

The documentary was edited from footage he himself shot with an 8mm hand-crank camera & narrarated from his daily journal.

When our country’s frontiers were being settled, this was a normal lifestyle, but even among those of us who winter-camp nowadays, only a small percentage would ever consider doing this, even for a winter or a year, let alone 35!

Check this out

yep…I did see it just after posting…
…this. Oh well.

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I knew this post was around here somewhere. Just wanted to let you know I’m reading the book. I went to the caves today to play a new Native American flute I just bought, but didn’t even think about taking the book with me. Oh well. Glad to be able to join your post. Maybe we’ll talk more later.


The book is good too!!
I think it is called One Man’s Wildernes by Sam Keith

over and over
I saw it at the begining of the year, got the book to read while I was working at a summer camp, then saw it again durring this fund drive. it is absolutely entrancing.


Finished the book…
several days ago. This one’s a definite keeper.

The great thing IMO is since it’s all journal entries is that I can take it off the shelf at any time and just pick a page to read for a few minutes instead of having to start over beginning to end again.

The book really filled in alot from the film.

Still wish someone had written more about the other plus 30 years of his time there. I’ll be happy with what I got. Just glad he had enough sense about him to take that movie camera with him back then.


so the book only covers…
…his first year or so? Also, did it explain what the accident was that persuaded him to do this?

Won’t spoil it for you.
It covers the first year and then makes the big jump at the end to highlight a couple of events, and a brief summary. I know the book would’ve been huge to have covered it all, but I’d at least liked for them to touch on the major events that happened over that vast time period.

As for his “accident” if that’s what you want to call it, yes it does tell a bit about that. It’s a wonderful story. I doubt any regrets of getting it.


More Readings From One Man’s Wilderness

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If you enjoyed One man's Wilderness, you should get this book.
It is the continuation of the Dick Proenneke Journals from 1974-1980.
His journals were given to Lake Clark National Park and were assembled by John Branson, a park Historian.
The book goes more inot detail about his early life and how he eventually ended up in Alaska.
It is long 472 pages, but a good read.

Available through:http://www.alaskanha.org/

You will all enjoy this one…
Dangerous River. Author: R. M. Patterson …written in the late 20’s about a few people travling into the wild by river in the N.W.T… Nahanni, Liard and several other rivers…great read

Dangerous River
I agree, it’s a great book. I think it would make for a great adventure movie. As far as “Alone in the Wilderness” I bought the dvd last year. Now I’m convinced to read the book.