Altamaha River Trip, GA Feb 8 - 13

Link to photos:

We did the entire Altamaha River in GA beginning in Lumber City (above where it begins) and ending at the Atlantic Ocean and then back into Darien via Darien River.

Great trip with great friends. Mileage was 25 to 31 miles per day with one 12-mile day. Current before tidal influence was around 1.5 to 2.2 mph. Launch time was around 8 am daily and reach campsite by 3 pm daily. Last day we didn’t like the campsite so we pushed and did a 31 mile day arriving in Darien in the dark.

Spectacular sunsets at Broughton Island - see photos.

Will write up a trip report and submit to and post on our website:

If you are planning a trip and want input, please contact me - I will be happy to help best I can.


Wonderful trip report in pic form
I hate you. Now I have one more place I have to go paddle. I am not sure exactly what it was, but that was really a well put together set of pictures. Maybe it was the good mix of on water and off water pictures. That was truly a remarkable sunsset.

Thanks for taking the time to put together a great report.


You’re Welcome.
I love doing trips and also getting others to do similar trips. I hope you do decide to do the Altamaha. We were discussing driving up to Darien from south Florida 6.5 hr trip) and spending a few days just on Broughton Island for a 3-day weekend sometime. Would be worth it just for the sunsets. Darien is also a neat town to visit and if you do, stay at the Sailfish Inn and if you need an outfitter, use Altamaha Coastal Tours also in Darien.