Alternate to WS Tsunami?

I will probably be buying a kayak in the next 3-4 weeks. At this point, I am really leaning towards a WS tsunami 140. But…

I really haven’t paddled any other kayaks. The tsunami fits well, and does not seem tippy to me. I plan on using it for day kayaking and some weekend trips (I pack small, so I don’t think storage will be too much of an issue)

Are there any other kayaks in the 13-15’ foot range that I should be comparing to the tsunami?


For what its worth from a beginner

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without knowing your size, I would recommend looking at (short list):


Prijon Calabria (which I just purchased)
Necky Zoar Sport or Elaho Sport
Current Designs Whistler


Impex Montauk (a little longer at 16')
Eddyline Merlin

I looked at all of these when I was seeking a light touring yak.

I qualify all of these recommendations by the fact that I don't know your skill level or if you plan to advance. You must ultimately determine your comfort level with any of these yaks.

Best of luck in your search.

P.S.- I really liked the 140 too.

Need more data
Like the above post. What is your size, what kind of paddling do you see yourself doing? Will you be doing only day paddles or week long camping? What kind of waters will you be on?

That aside, don’t get a boat that you will grow out of to quickly. Unless you will be on very small ponds, lakes rivers, you might want to consider something in the 15-16 ft range if your budget allows. Some of the boats in the earlier post were exelent. DON’T BUY A BOAT WITHOUT PADDLING IT :slight_smile:

More info…

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I will be mainly using it for day trips, and probably quite a few weekend trips. At this point I doubt I would use it for a weeklong trip. I am 6', 200 lbs.

Some open water paddling, but primarily river and creek runs (this is why I am trying to stay away from the longer boats)is what I will be using it for. I may occasionally fish from it.

I have a owned a SOT kayak (Perception Prism) for a few years, and have spent quite a bit of time informally in canoes...this will be my first sit-in kayak.

soundz good! :slight_smile:
the Tsunami sounds like it maybe a good choice for what you describe. If you do plan on carrying more gear or want a bunch more comfort room the 145 is the XL version.

steve (5’10",180lbs and a Ts~140 paddler

Hey Flatpick, isn’t this the kayak that
you designed??? I just demo’d a 140 this past weekend. EMS was running a demo day on the Schuylkill River near Philly. By far it was my favorite one that they had there for us to demo. Seemed to track well but when I put it on edge to make a turn it seemed extremely responsive for a boat of that length. Was surprised that there wasn’t a separate bulkhead b/w the day hatch and the rear hatch but other than that… I REALLY liked it. Nice boat!


I helped…
on this one. The Tempest I had way more input. Yep the dayhatch to stern compartment was a…oppsie. should be a b/h in there for sure. They’ll have a kit for retro and ‘hopefully’ we’ll offer the Ts with a true day compartment soon.

The other thing that can make the Ts a more performance fit is adding hip pads and a tempest (or other style) backstrap. this involves removing the Phase 3 backrest, a sin in many folks book! =:-0) promotes a better performance paddling posture and more ROTATION!!!


Just for reference…
…Jeff,what were the pros / cons of the Ts vs. some of the other boats you paddled?

Also, if someone could compare / contrast the Tsunami against the Necky Elaho and WS Cape Horn `40, that would be very useful. The Elaho and Cape Horn seem to be showing up around here on the used market…


something to think about
I work for EMS, and have tried many of our yaks, I ended up getting one for myself. I have the Carolina 14.5 with a rudder. It is a little lesst tippy than the Wilderness and might be a better option for what you are looking for. Let me know if I can help you out with any other questions.

The WS Cape Lookout
I was able to find a good deal on some left-over WS Cape Lookouts, the model that the Tsunami replaced. You might be able to save $100 to $200+ if any of the dealers by you have them lying around.

Hey Flatpick
Went to a Demo Days up in Chattanooga (Rock Creek Outfitters) last weekend with a friend of mine. He loved the Tempest 170. He wants to get one when the funds are available. Great boat, dude.

I just got back from the 1st ever Puget Sound symposium and there too the T and the Ts were winning hearts right and left.

glad you like! :slight_smile:


WS vs WS
I’m not going to touch the Necky question with a 60’ pole but…

in comparing the Cape Lookout with the Tsunami you are getting a multi chined hull with tremendous secondary stability (Ts) vs a relatively soft chined hull with not as solid 2ndary with the lookout.

this is not even looking at the cockpit and deck outfitting, the hatches and deckline, the phase 3, etc.

you get what you pay for.