Alternative seats for a Tempest 170?

I thought I like WS seats, but TBH, the more I paddle my P&H Virgo, I’m finding I actually prefer it to my Tempest. I like how the padding is over the entire seat, and the back part curves upward sharply (almost negating the need for a back band). My Tempest seat is OK, but the padding ends right before the rear of the seat curves up, so if I sit upright, I can sometimes feel the edge of the thin padding. I almost feel like the WS seats are too adjustable. I like the simplicity of my P&H seat.

So, are there any options for replacing the seat in the Tempest? Or maybe just replacing the padding with something that covers the entire rear of the seat?

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No one has swapped out seats on a Tempest??

I cut the torture device (Valley seat) out my Anas Acuta years ago, and tried a bunch of different solutions that were only a little better. This seat is the reason I still own the boat Sweet Cheeks 100 Black with Stripe - Jackson Kayak most comfortable aftermarket seat I’ve tried. Foam tractor seat style seats made for kayaks work really well for most people, too.

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Thanks, I will check that out! I discovered the Tempest seat pad is held in place by some push-in pins. So, I re-drilled the holes about 1" farther back, then clipped the cushion back in. It now goes up a little further on the hump at the back. Seems a little better, but I think I still prefer my P&H seat.