alternative to 70P

Is there such an animal? for my tempest plastic 165, I want to mount (not attach by bungee) a square base compass but am having a hard time justifying the Brunton 70P. so the question is: Is there a marine compass out there that would mount to the Tempest 165 that doesn’t cost 1/7th of what I paid for the boat?


No really
There are other companies that make the Nexus 70P it isn’t exclusive to Brunton.

70P refers to the design of the compass. The well in your boat was designed for a 70P. The only “bolt-on” compass that will work in that well is a 70P. If you are willing to cut holes in your boat, then other options exist but for the headache and time spent trying to engineer another solution, I would buy a 70P and have a clean looking, simple to install solution. They are only $100. Buy one sooner than later as the price is going up.

I believe that it is exclusive.
Nexus is a division of Brunton and they bought out Silva several years ago.

The compass has had all three company names on it at some point.

I agree that you should buy one soon as the price definitely keeps going up. I’ve never seen it decrease on model.

Bite the bullet…

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If you buy a top of the line boat the percentage would come way down.. :-)

I love mine..

Mine says ComNav on the outside and Nexus on the inside. I think this label is geared to the light aircraft market.

and you’d have 30% of the cost of the 70P if you’d have let ME buy ya lunch…

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steve (stuck in Salisbury NC)

is always welcome to come up to CT, but ME lunch, and then give me significant discounts on gear!!

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Brunton compass alternative

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Seriously, BB, here is where I got mine: reputable retailer, under MSRP, shipping is FREE, and no sales tax.

Spend some time searching the web
I’ve always been able to find the 70P for $70-$75 bucks with a bit of digging.

digging for two weeks now
the best one I have been able to find is the one cooldoctor linked to. thanks cooldoctor btw. Think I will bite the bullet and work on Flatpick for sympathy when I want something cheap.


what would be wrong with making a plastic square plate and putting any of the other compasses on that and affixing it to the boat?


There’s nothing wrong with alternatives
The key is that the compass must be securely attached, aligned with the centerline and easily readable from the cockpit. If you can accomplish that with a different compass, go for it. BTW, it doesn’t have to be mounted in the stock recess. The Ritchie Kayaker compass is a popular model that’s well made and generally available for under $60.