Alternative to Webshots?

A few weeks ago someone posted a good alternative to webshots I saved the link but it does not open. Anybody have some good ideas?

is just too easy !

I Have Slow Dialup

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So Webshots just doesn't work well for me. Tried a few on a trial basis and P.base was my favorite. No adds, no crap, easy uploads. I know Sloopsailor and RPD here on use it too, Sloop is the one who got me to try it. Here's a link to mine if you want to check it out. WW

Second on Picassa
It is idiot proof, and I am proof of that. When you load your pics on your computer from your camera, it automatically grabs the photos and puts them into albums on your hard drive. When you are ready to download to the web albums, it is really just a couple clicks and it is done.

Hope this helps.


Picasa As Well
I used webshots for a long time but recently switched over to Picasa. It is almost idiot proof and is very user friendly. Webshots has a clause in their agreement that your pics become theirs and getting them back is a chore, one pic at a time.

With Picasa you do need to open an email account using Gmail but that doesn’t mean you have to use it, just open the account. There are many features in Picasa that allow you to manipulate your pics, the best being straightening your photos. And uploading to the web is a breeze. Just my .02

If your a Yahoo man, then
It’s linked to your yahoo account.