Alternatives to ACA

I have become very dissatisfied with American Canoe Association. They have been poor in getting material; membership cards, Paddlers magazine and other things to me. Is there an alternative organization to join or paddling clubs to get services that ACA is supposed to be providing?

American Whitewater Association
is doing pretty well, but may not suit your interests.

Paddle Canada
ACA hasnt been up to par for sure lately but Paddler is back after a few months hiatus.

And an I’m sorry letter from the editor. They know the f’ed up. Its probably not new news but I am willing to grant them a wee bit of hope.

We have no idea where you are hiding. Perhaps USCKA would suit you. As for local clubs no idea.

what services do they normally provide?

Why belong to any national org
The ACA does some valuable things, but it’s not irrational for paddlers to conclude that they get no practical benefit from it. You can, for example, get magazines independent of the ACA.

Joining a local club is much more useful, IMO, and more worth the money.

No alternative
If you want to run a race or event with insurance; they are the only reasonable option. Other than that I think think they have little to offer me.

But I’m heavily involved in my local club where some members are also ACA members and ACA certified instructors. So maybe they offer some benefits to professional instructors and guides as well. I know many shops and outfitters will not hire guides or instructors unless they are BCU or ACA certified.

True, but
The vast majority of paddlers don’t race.

The vast majority of paddlers learn how to paddle without ACA certified instructors. This is just meant as a fact, not as a knock on ACA instruction. I take it myself, and think it is one of the best things about the ACA – albeit overly bureaucratic.

Don’t know about insurance or why it would even be necessary, but even if the event organizers have to procure it, does that mean each participant has to be an ACA member? As an aside, I think there is insurance available through the USCA.

You mean the AWKA
The American Whitewater Kayak Association?

Oh wait! They did an issue on canoes and rafts a while back didn’t they?

Hey nice to get token status at least.

getting a one day membership
for the ACA poling nationals…$5. May join them after I drop my AMC membership.

I dropped out of the ACA a long time
As far as I am concerned there is no reason to belong to any paddling group.

Just do your own thing.

Jack L

For all, not really
For skills training in long boats, there is the BCU (British Canoe Union). Their training is excellent. They have canoe and WW components, but finding certed coaches etc in those desciplines isn’t easy.

If you start adding in things like a nationaly based magazine and insurance for coaches, the ACA is the only one I am aware of in the United States.

I’m a member of the ACA and the AMC

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Both great organizations that do good work. American Whitewater is another one I should join and support.

Anyway, my local club recently affiliated with the ACA so we could use the insurance program. There are a lot of venues (pools, local parks, etc.) that require insurance. Its interesting - we've run a free beginner flatwater traning class for years and it was always packed - we were turning people away. This year, we are using the ACA insurance and charging the $5 daily membership, and very few people have signed up. I guess it shows us how much they really value the training.

Love it or hate it, ACA is pretty much the only act in town.

In my opinion the
ACA is a damn fine organization.

What’s more, if you sign up for a year’s membership and use my name, I’ll get five bucks!

USCA It is primarily a racing group but there insurance seemed cheaper then aca, and they had many parrallel


And best of all, they don’t force a PFD
down your throat on a 100 degree day !

Jack L