Alternatives to Latex Neck Gaskets

Hello all,

I have a Kokatat drysuit and need to replace the neck gasket. While I’m fine with the latex, I’d love to replace it with something more durable and comfortable. There was a company awhile ago that was making gaskets out of fuzzy rubber I believe. It wasn’t Ravenspring and my searches have turned up nil. Anyone have any ideas?

I’ve talked to Kokatat and they don’t offer stretchy neoprene for their drysuits though they do have it on some paddling jackets. Seems like something that should be relatively easy to find, but isn’t.

Anyone have tips, links or thoughts?

i think that palm perhaps???

Sort of
I took a look and it seems that they have neoprene gaskets on their semi-dry tops. Anyone ever worn one of these? How are the gaskets?

Found Some Info
Well search of this site didn’t help, but browsing did and I managed to find a topic similar to this one just a few pages in. I took a look at Stohlquist and at Reed Chillcheater. Anyone have any experience with either of these gaskets and know who retrofits Kokatat drysuits with them? My guess is they’d have to be sewn and then aquasealed in.