Alternatives to Thule 855 Quick Draws?

I bought a kayak towards the end of last season, and I’m anxiously awaiting winter thaw here in Minnesota. I was hauling my kayak over short distances using the luggage rack (with pool noodles) and cargo straps (front, back and across) on my Pathfinder.

To make a long story short, I bought another kayak (for my wife) and with that purchased a set of Thule 835XT J-cradles since both kayaks wouldn’t sit flat on the luggage rack. Now I’m considering purchasing the Thule 881 Top Deck Sadles for the second kayak.

I noticed that the Thule 881 does not come with the 855 Quick Draws. I really came to appreciate these with the J cradles. They really hold the kayaks tight and I worry a lot less with these than when using the standard 1" cargo ratcheting cargo straps.

I see that Thule sells a set for $30. Seems a bit high, anybody recommend alternatives?



Lowes. HD
at least used to carry these. Ropes are different color, but ratchet is made by the same company.

Of course, there is always the tried and true 5/16 rope and trucker’s hitch.


Found what I was looking for… You need a “rope ratchet” that is only $6 a pop (Amazon has them as well). Seems a bit cheaper than the $30 pack of two.