Alternatives to Wilderness Piccolo?

Missed out an awesome opportunity to get a Wilderness Systems Piccolo for the wife today (shes 5’ weighs between 110-120) - it looked like the idea kayak for what we want to do. Since I missed out on the deal - what other alternatives are out there for a touring (style) kayak that would fit her (ideally around 21" beam)? I am mostly looking out on the used market - so something thats been discontinued is fine…I’ll just keep an eye out

Thanks in advance,


You might want to look at a …
Dagger Alchemy 14S (small). Its wider by a couple inches, a little longer and has a higher foredeck. Its really a fun all-around boat for paddlers of smaller stature. Great outfitting, too.


The WS Tchaika(discontinued) was a great small-person kayak.

The Eddyline Falcon 16 was narrow.

The WS Tsunami SP might work for her.

CD Suka is a nice small-paddler kayak.

Small person boat…
Tsunami SP. Scaled for someone her size, and not an expensive boat at all.

A Tchaika
If you’re in the Chicago area, I know where there’s a brand new glass Tchaika (essentially a glass Picolo, if I remember the Pic correctly) for under $900. New old stock, and the shop’s just looking to let it go.

PM me if you’re interested in more details.


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Thank you all for your inputs!

How does the EpiSea Compare to the Piccolo?

I can't seem to find any specs on it or reviews (for small adults) - its a very obscure boat?

Assuming it fits (though it looks like its doesnt have thigh braces)
Theres a guy selling a like new one about 80 miles from me....

Thanks, unfortunately I live in South Florida and its a little beyond my current budget…awesome find though!

Build it, Pygmy Osprey 13

Bob, I saw a
Piccolo on Craigslist in the Ft Myers area not long ago. I can keep an eye out if you want. I have a Piccolo and want to keep it. I can definately recommend the Tschaika,the Tsunami 120 SP, or even a Tsunami 120.


I would be most appreciative!

Bob, I remembered
a simple way to check listings in your area (and others as well).

You can go to and choose your state, then search for “Piccalo”. This site is NOT affiliated with Craigslist, but searches all the Craigslist listings in that state. Makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

I check it a few times a day to locate good buys on kayaks I want to use in my tours business.

Also thought of another boat that might work. You could look for a Perception “Arcadia Scout”. You’d have to add float bags but it might work for you. I went with a Piccollo, a Tsunami 120 SP, backed up by a regular Tsunami 120 for people with smaller bodies.

Careful with Tsunami 120 SP
We own this boat, and it has been paddled by my daughter (100 pounds) and my wife (120 pounds). With 120 pounds and no gear at all, there is almost zero freeboard. Even my daughter seems to be reaching the limit, with just a bit of gear. It does work great for my 80 pound son though.

Tsunami 135
is a great small-to-midsize paddler kayak that’s fully featured and you can find at a very reasonable price. I think there was also a Carolina 135 but those didn’t sell as much. if you pack like a backpacker it’ll hold a decent amount of gear for day or weekend trips.

Thank you everyone!
Just wanted to thank everyone - managed to get a Tchaika for a really fair price. Fits the wife like a glove - just need to get the hatch cover and we’ll be set to go :smiley: