Altoona Dam Portage

I’m working on a trip that’ll put a few of us needing to go around the Altoona Dam near Eau Claire. Has anyone here done this? Suggestions? I’ve seen a pin on the ‘north shore’ to get around it but along with a note that says “this would be extremely difficult” and no other description of route.

I’m okay with a portage in whatever way makes sense - urban/bushwacking/etc… but I’m starting off with asking if there’s a known path of least resistance!

You may have better luck if you specify what state you are in and what body of water you are asking about. This forum covers a big area!


was checking google satellite images, it doesn’t look too bad, of course that image flattens everything out and doesn’t factor in no trespassing signs, you could always drive to the site and do some of your own recon and talk to landowners prior to starting trip (while running shuttle).

might try asking your question on “pure water paddlers” facebook group, looks to me like the boat that region

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Awesome, yeah thanks. There the bike and ride shop that does shuttle services there as well i might be able to hire then for a short jaunt to one of the breweries on the otherside as well.

The distnace itself around the dam is certainly doable - just a matter of how thick and steep it is lol. I think youre right though an in person look might end up being the best approach. Just wanted to poll the audience first!

Ill check out the paddle group too and see if they are able to shed light as well!

Thanks all!