Aluetian deck bag?

Ok I bought it and had some :question:

Strap by bottle holder goes where and does what?

White tongue depressed does what? Put it sideways to hold up top of bag?

Corners closest to cockpit that curl up you did what with them?


Ok it fit sideways to pop deck bag up.

The white plastic is inserted into the bag and holds the bag open. I ended up trimming mine a bit to reduce the tension. Worked well for stowing the camera quickly.

I didn’t use the straps other than to attach the bag to my bungees. I stuffed a small water bottle under the bag’s bungies, didn’t use the provided water bottle holder, actually.

Nice bag, did what I asked of it well, but in the end I decided I really didn’t want it on the front deck, so now keep my long range camera in my day hatch.

Thanks I was thinking of trimming plastic so bag is lower. Thanks for the tips.

And back it goes. Returning it after trying it on my kayak. Wing ends near cockpit fly up so I tried to bungee them down. Then it’s hard to open and seal if you need anything. It is to long for my near 19’ hull. It’s close to cockpit and up against my mounted deck compass. I figured it may not be bad if it was low but then it’s hard to use it easily. Strap on water bottle holder is useless it wouldn’t even make it back to other side of deck line on a 21" hull. The other 4 straps are way to long for my hull. They are not coming from each corner of the deck bag which let’s corners turn upward.

Seems like a well made product if you’re looking at their other dry bags.

For me it just didn’t come close to working. They tried to say it was 6.99 to return it for shipping label. I said I thought returns were free so they said they’ll make a special exception for me :joy:. Looked at it for few years then when I saw it on sale for 114 from 149 I tried it. Wasted a few hours trying to make it work but no cost incured.

Back to my 12 year old Seals deck bag. I bought a 3 & 5 litre dry bag if I want to put them inside.