Alumacraft Canoe HIN#

I recently purchased a very used (and I think old?) Alumacraft 15’ canoe. In the process of registering it, I’ve discovered that I can’t find any HIN number on the boat. I have no title, only the bill of sale. Any advice on where to look for a HIN#? The plate that’s visible in one of the pics only contains the Alumacraft logo. I’ve searched just about every flat surface that you’d expect to find a stamp or engraving. Alumacraft customer support hasn’t been a help, either.

_I had to do with one of my own boats! Make a Serial number for yourself, another thing gently use a steelwool low grade. Then gently rub on the little metal on the bow or the first photo. If you do make your own numbers up make sure it shows it belongs to that type of canoe. Some of the companies use name of the company such as this ( SP124658 or RA123498 these numbers is just random typing. The other thing some States don’t need to register the canoe unless using a motor! So check if you need one or just don’t worry about it, if you don’t need to register it!_ ****

This canoe is so old it probably predates HIN. good advice to us the manufacturers initials as te prefix when making up your number, and give it an early date code.