Alumacraft QTL17?

I’m trying to find information on an old Alumacraft canoe. The only identifying marks the seller could find were QTL 17. The canoe is estimated to be 30 years old. I’m hoping to find out how much it weighs, and what it’s capacity is. I mainly want it for fishing on local lakes, but it may also get used for some camping trips. My biggest concern is solo loading and unloading, so I’m hoping it’s the ~60lb version as opposed to the ~70lb version.

I’m asking here first because I’d rather avoid the 2 hour drive to find out for myself. Then again, it’s in great shape, and for $150 I don’t think I can go wrong…can I?

Thanks for any advice you all can offer!


go for it!
$150? great deal, unless it’s broken.

who cares about 10lbs.? :wink:

my first canoe was an Alumacraft 15’er. sweet boat, tho it was noisy, cold and aluminum.

sounds like it may work well for ya.