alumicraft canoe

Does anyone know where I might be able to buy a 17’ alumicraft canoe (65lbs). Someone who has canoed the Mississippi River used that type of canoe and recommended it and recommended buying a decent used one. any comments/suggestions???

Have you paddled an aluminum canoe?

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They are tough, but they are also too cold, too hot, very noisy, not inspiring, they do nothing the best, but do most everything ok.

There are other very good boats out there for what you want to do. Paddle whatever you think you want before buying. Paddle it a lot!!!

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Unless you are paddling above Anoka, you are more likely to hit a barge buoy than scrape over rocks in the river.

A used aluminum canoe is a good place to begin. Especially on the Mississippi.

Watch the newspaper classifieds or garage sales.

Keep an eye on the classifieds
on this site. there is currently an aluminacraft listed in WA (probably not close enough to you) but there are several posted throughout the year. Also check Ebay. There are 2-3 aluminum canoes on there currently.