aluminum canoe id

hi, i have come to find a neighbor here in tx that has an aluminum canoe he wants to get rid of. it needs some work - a few ribs replaced and some minor dents. i can repair it if i can only find the make and model. there is an emblem that is almost completely worn away , but it kind of looks like the grumman emblem. the boat id tag riveted to the front(on top) is long gone. the canoe is very old. there is one identifier on the canoe - it is the plate that blocks off the front and rear of the canoe. if it were a grumman, the emblem would be a circle with a “G” enclosed in it. however it is not - it is a circle with the letter “M” enclosed. i spoke with a representative from grumman - very helpfull - but he says he doesn’t recognize it as theirs. the canoe is about 17’ and has remnants of red paint in front and back. it is riveted at the keel and uses some sort of tape for sealing it. i’m really interested in it. any help would be appreciated. thanks

A couple thoughts

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My first thought is this: What difference does it make who made it? Unless it's a Grumman or Alumicraft, most likely they are long out of business anyway and you won't be able to get parts. Second, if you are good with metal working or can hire the work done, you won't need off-the-shelf parts. Odds are, a profesional welding shop can fix broken ribs and the like without replacing them, or if the boat is really trashed, they could fabricate the parts they would need.

By the way, the thing that sets Grummans apart from all other aluminum canoes that I've seen is that the rivets are VERY closely spaced. That sturdy method of building was a carryover from their work making warplanes during WWII.