aluminum canoe repair

We have an aluminum canoe that was stored upside down for a winter. Snow was piled on it and the bottom is bent all the way up to the gunnels.

Can this canoe be repaired? Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help.


stomp stomp hammer hammer duct tape. It wont be pretty and you may have to reinforce the gunnels if they have kinked or bent badly.

stomp stomp is a good way to go.

IF you can get a hold of an autobody repair

persons tools you should be able to do a credible job. They have specially shaped

(shoes?)That are curved to match different curves.

I Agree
I have an AreoCraft that I lent to a friend. Got stored outside and there was some bendage, not like yours, but it was there. I did the stomp thing and did the “finer” work on wrinkles and stuff with a hammer and different size hunk o’ 2x4’s to soften the blow of the hammer. It aint going to be pretty afterwards but if nothing splits or punctures then you’ll still have a canoe!

If any rivets come loose pull them out or drill them out and put in some new ones. Before you put the rivet in put a dab of silicone or some sort of sealer on both sides of the hole to form a good bond with the rivet.

Baldpaddler has an excellent suggestion and if ya find a shop maybe they’ll take enough sympathy on ya to do it for free or a reduced price.

Keep us posted, there are a lot of us who have aluminum canoes in their fleet! Good Luck!


Aluminum repair
What brand canoe is it and how much snow did it take to cave it in like that?

got any pictures
that is really bent not sure if that counts as bent or horse shoed