Aluminum Canoe Repair

Has anyone ever repaired an aluminum canoe with Kevlar/Epoxy patch? Any suggestions on the best repair would be appreciated.

patch n’ rivits
is it a hole? epoxy isn’t going to stick very well to the alum. I’d patch it with some alum sheeting, some bedding compound and a buttload of rivits. A BIG bandaid!

ugly but will work.


Aluminum repair
I have no experience with the product, but Alumaloy infomercials make it look good. They show an aluminum boat being repaired. Just heat the material to be repaired and melt the rod into it like solder. If anyone has experience with, it I would like to hear their opinions.

post subject
If it was me I would just weld the hole shut with a patch depending on the size. If you can not weld it yourself. It might be worth finding a shop that can weld it for you.(might not be cheap).

A good tig welder
will nail it and you’ll have a super patch.

I managed to keep
a bunch o old grumans watertight while workin for O.B. , replacing the rivets that rotted out and using marine-tex on holes . Ones as big as a quarter reinforced with a pc. o fiberglass screen(screen door/window stuff) and then the marine-tex , avaibale at any marine supply shop an some home-depots . -M

Someone left a can opener on the beach?
I think, in exchange for the repair information, that you could share with us the specifics of how you put a hole in your aluminum canoe. There could be real educational value in this.

Bullet holes…?

What about Alum Repair Rod and a
propane touch? Seen it done. Quick, neat, strong, and the guy sure made it look easy!