Aluminum canoes

I am looking for a used aluminum canoe. Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of a Gruman 17 ft vs an Alumacraft QT17C

I have one of each.
If you’re near central IL, you can try them out. They’re not for sale. I got them for family to use, so I haven’t paddled them much and don’t have much feedback, except that I was impressed the handling of both boats.

The Alumacraft will be a little faster,
but not enough to write home about. We always regarded them as pretty close in quality, but if you can examine your prospective purchases, look at details like the rivets, the seats and their supports, and the thwart connections.

Agree on hull speed
From everyone I know who paddles aluminum canoes they say the Alumicraft have the best hull speed if that matters to you.

Alumacraft may be faster, but …

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...Grumman is tougher. Just look at the number of rivets per lineal foot on the seams of a Grumman compared to an Alumacraft. In fact, maybe that's why the Alumacraft is quicker - less drag from having less than half as many rivets! Also, if you can get a shoe-keeled Grumman (which is nice because the keel is less, well, keel-like), you will get a lot more ribs too. The shoe-keeled Grumman is a very solid boat! If durability is not an issue, or if carry-ability is most important, the Alumacraft is the way to go. They weigh quite a bit less.

Different Grumman models
In 2005 Grumman listed 4 17’ double end canoes. The model number give the gauge of the hull. The 1740C is 17’ long and is 0.040" aluminum with a weight of 66#. The 1750 ups the weight to 75# and the shallow draft 1750CSK with the shoe keel is 81#. The heavyweight 1760C is 0.060" hull and 85#.

In the past Grumman make livery models with up 0.080" hulls and lots of heavy ribs. These can weigh close to 90# for a 17’.

In the stock aluminum class canoe races, the top paddlers usually paddle AlumaCraft, but there is very little difference. For the top racers, 50’ after a ten mile race is a big win. its that close.

For durability, the Grumman has stood the test of time. Most Scout Camps have Grummans from the 1960’s that are still solid and in service. Riveting together Carrier based fighter planes and seaplanes gave Grumman experience that other canoe manufacturers had to leaern as they went.

Another livery tough aluminum canoe is MichiCraft. Not pretty, but tough. Beefier thwarts and end caps, seats that have better rolled edges,