Aluminum Debate/ Info?

Hello Folks, Just thought I might inquire. Last time I paddled regularly was some 25 yrs ago. It was a Grumman. Eagle I think. Yes, it was a tank but I didn’t know it then. And yes, I drooled over the latest plastic go-fast model. But now I’m a 40+ stay at home dad and “need” to get my 3yr old on the crick. I know I could get a Grumman with no regrets but research indicates some other choices these days for my genre. The Osagian Techcraft is awfully sharp. And the Michicraft tech page sure seems like they are trying to be competetive. Of course there is the Osage as well. I mean no offense to the Sportspal/ Raddison crew but it just doesn’t seem as “Jeep” like as the rest. (And of course, I mean no offense to the plastic fans out there). Any inputs re: the aluminum models I’ve listed? I don’t feel the need for molded sponsons, but any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and keep your paddles wet.

I’ve only had experience with Alumacraft and Grumman. Sturdy boats, take a lickin and keep on tickin. Probably work out fairly well for what you want for the price. They far surpass any of the plastice boats in the price range. Paddled a 16’ Alumacraft until I got tired of lugging the weight 2 years ago.

Thanks for input!
I failed to mention Alumacraft in my previous. Have checked them as well. Seems like weight(s) similar for all aluminum and even plastic in my budget. As well I agree, models listed can take just about all dished out. I’m in central Fl. so no class III but I have seen the “gator” or two in our fishing holes! Thx!

I dream of Grumman
that is what a canoe is in my head. When I picture fond memories or want a canoe that evokes a love of canoeing I will think of or get a Grumman. I also love that I can get one used and cheap just about anywhere.

Now my question to you is why you want Aluminum? I hear a rumor that you are a 40+ stay at home dad trying to do more with your 3 year old. Aluminum is loud and heavy, also some times a little bight and hot. I am by no means trying to talk you out of one, but trying to find out why not a royalX or plastic boat? As the boy grows he will want to help move and carry the boat. you can drag both aterials…which do you want to hear in the driveway?

I am just trying to open up your thoughts on other materials…try to lighten up the boat a little (depending…I mean, my heaven’s, a Chalestown River weighs in at like 80 pounds too). You are going to have to carry this thing alone for at least the next 7 years. How much weight do you want to pick up each time to go out? and then when he turns, like, 14 and starts trying to go out with his friends…the boat can be an ash tray, let alone trying to build fires inside it…intentionally running into roacks to hear it bang and to see the dent…my oh my…I do’nt want to even imagin.

I love aluminum canoes…if I were you, I would look at a different material. That is just my 2 cents on it.


Thx for 2 cents!
I too have very fond memories of Da Grumman! Yes, its loud and heavy. I admit not looking forward to any long portages. Loud is ok, as mentioned in another thread, don’t mind if gators hear us coming! And at this point in time, have you heard a 3yr old with “fish on”? (we’re still working on hunting voice- shhhh.) Flat green paint and I thought of sea dek on inside to help with some noise and insulation. I have to keep boat outside in central Fl. I looked at royalex, seems most forgiving/ durable but not much lighter or less expensive. Finally, I suppose if used as ashtray, firepit or rock crasher I’d prefer it in the grumman instead of the $2000 kevlar. Of course after “paintin his back porch red” Take Care & Thx for the input. capnpablo