Aluminum is still ok?

I grew up paddling aluminum canoes. I have the opportunity to buy one (dirt cheap)to get the friends, scouts, neighbors, coworkers, etc, on the water. Is aluminum still allowed?

20+ yr old Grumman 17 footer. Potentially bulletproof compared.

Buy it or share the location.

Check it out
Put in water looking for leaks. Look at seams, rivets, dents and bangs, loose seats bends or tares. Check with welder who does aluminum repairs.

I always paddled aluminum
until I bought this one. I would not buy aluminum ever again. Even though you don’t want to spend as much as I did, I bet you could find something relatively cheap, used, made of something else that would make you much happier.

That is just my opinion, I can’t stand the thought of going back to the noise and the pain of bruised shins. :slight_smile: Worth the extra money.

She is right.
She is right, they are noisey as hell. But what great memories. I can still hear the “booming” sound that it made when you moved around in it. I still have mine hanging on the side of my house. I bought it the Saturday after the Friday night that Deliverance came out in March of 1972. I was 14.

Good Luck,


well now…
my 1st canoe (1970) was an Alumacraft. Noisy, sticky (on rocks), cold, ugly, bulletproof.

Generally these models have a defined ‘keel’ and aren’t the worlds most friendly at maneuvering.

IMO, a toss up when compared with a Coleman but anything else is prolly better.


I respect flatpicks opinion on a lot of things.

But get the canoe,especially if its dirt cheap.

You know how the pocono lakes are;youll just scratch the hell out of another boat. Put a piece of scrap carpet on the floor to insulate the noise when you drop a rapala.

Especially if its for a loaner boat BUY IT !!!

Or buy it and call me I’ll come get it.



Go to the "Aluminum nationals"
and you’ll see if they are still allowed!



I agree with Mystical. I had a 17" alum canoe for many years, but when I wanted to graduate to something fairer and higher performance, found that alum. could npt be configured to produce the right shape. In other words a sheet of alum. can only be shaped within certain limitations and cannot achieve the designs I was looking for. If you just want something to bang around in, fillet your fish on top of, etc. they’re OK.


Anything that floats is allowed. You
have paddled aluminum canoes, as well, I assume as others, so you probably know the difference. Get it, in 30 years, your grandkids can have a blast in the thing. Meanwhile, you have fun until you can get your heart’s desire.

It’s not nice at all
Cracked jibs, bent ribs, disfigured hull, lots of missing rivets. I passed, it’s in the Poconos if anyone’s interested.

must disagree
I’ve moved up a few product classes, but aluminum canoes (at least the good makes - Grumman’s and similar) are stable, predictable, and very durable. As a second/loaner or cottage canoe they are great. I appreciate the handling of a Grumman, and would prefer it to many canoes for flatwater tripping. Coleman’s on the other hand, are just awful.

Well, had all th ings been equal…