Aluminum Marathon Racing Canoes

Is anyone familiar with an 18.5ft aluminum canoe made in Ohio back in the 1980’s known as Ohio Super Aluminum or Minick canoe? In the 80’s USCA aluminum class was dominated by these boats, as well as many General Clinton races. Any information about these would be appreciated.

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I remember them as well as the Beaver Aluminum 18’ 6" being banned by the USCA after not too many years.

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Super Aluminum Canoe Spotted on Little Miami River, Cincinnati, OH.

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That’s an interesting canoe. Are those wooden ribs? The wood trim is a nice touch. Do you know what it weighs? I bet you didn’t run across any faster tandems on that shallow rocky river!

The ribs were not wood. They look like a core material. Do not know true weight . But was in the area of 50 pounds . Only aluminum canoe I have seen with negative curve in the bow.

Sweet looking boats. Thank you for that piece of canoe history.