aluminum repair

I acquired an old Alumacraft QT 17W (what does the W mean?). There are small holes/rips in 2 spots, each about an inch long, where each seat attaches to the hull. The boat was abandoned filled with water and washed around the lake for a while. The gunnel is severely bent inward over one seat, but that looks like it would just bend rigght back if i unscrewed the seat. My question is, is this worth repairing or should I just scrap it? I have no pressing need for an aluminum canoe, but if its cheaply fixable I could

sell it for a couple hundred. The holes would be inconsequential in other places, my only concern is their being in a structurally important spot.

Sounds easy enough
Some aluminum sheet of similar thickness as the hull, a few pop rivets and some epoxy or sealant and good to go.

Take it to a PROFESSIONAL welder
and get an estimate. Only a pro can weld aluminum and some pros won’t do it at all.