Aluminum tubing source

I am looking for a source for 1" diameter tubing that the wall is only 1/32".

All the stuff at Lowes and Home Depot has 1/16" thick walls.

I found that it is very easy to flatten and bend at right angles vs. the 1/16" wall which easily cracks at the bend.

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old tent poles
tent poles from old tents before people cared about weight were made from aluminium. Otherwise check your phone book for metal suppliers in your area. Most places that handle structural steel also carry aluminium.

Try The stuff at HD, etc is not the alloy or heat treatment we want for thwarts.

length and how much?
short pieces might be found within folding lawn chairs. Hobby shops carry typical 3 foot sections. Metal scrap yards for more and/or longer. I had a look in our internal electro/mech specs and did not see any Al like your request.

Best Place


Just be careful which aluminum alloy you choose.

Texas Towers sells 1/16" wall 6063 only

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actually it's 0.058" which is a tad thinner. Makes good two piece poles and sailing canoe spars.

1/16" is 0.0625 1/32 is 0.03125
McMaster Carr sells 6061 down to 0.035" in 1" diameter.

If length can be short
Sounds like what I’ve been finding occasionally at the local tubing run. Those cheap drugstore raft oars with thin wall aluminum shafts and plastic blades - the blades break and it all gets left in the river.

Aircraftspruce .com OR >>>
Jack, don’t you have a conduit bender laying around ???

OR … try packing them with wet sand then go for bent. This works.

Many thanks to all
I think Andy hit the nail on the head, when he suggested the tubing in old lawn chairs.

I don’t need much since all I am using it for is a short cross piece in front of the front thwart on the canoes as a carry handle.

I realize the front thwart is supposed to be a carry handle but unfortunately my bow paddling wife uses it for her GPS holder.

I also realize it is way to weak to use as a regular thwart. I have made, (butchered) several of them from the 1/16" thick wall stuff.

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another source
It looks like you have what you were looking for, but if there is anyone else out there with the same question, I’ve had good luck with

Hi Jack,
Can it be straight ? How long do you need ?

I am good right now, thanks.
I have one short piece left, and I just wanted to have a few pieces on hand, for the “just in case”

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Shower curtian rod…
…is as you describe. Walmart has it. Only problem is the short lengths. About 4".

I am assuming you mean 4 feet
I’ll check that out. that is just about the length that I would like to keep on hand.

Wally world is great for innovating materials.

Last week, “the bride” made two tractor style seats using two of their blue sleeping pads, and then cutting miscellaneous pieces out to form a comfy formed seat.

I had the easy job. All I had to do was apply the contact cement, and then cut the final product of four layers on the band saw.