Am I done?

…is he done yet…???

Nah… still too red on the inside. Gotta keep up the heat…

Now if… if… IF! you cannot split the diff between your competent SOT, your own SOF (and not the other two that rally don’t belong to you) that would make a gorging croc envious, your long-distance trekker like the OI, and your fun crooked mangrove creek exploring Legend, then come and master our Isthmus!

But in truth, friend Paul, I think you now need to stop obsessing about the type & purpose of your craft -your fleet! -and following Grayhawk’s advice, start just PADDLING… Not so much a jaunt to compare & contrast an OI and a Legend, fun though that may be (and it was!), but to put some water under your keel, and a few miles astern of your skeg, and smell the mangroves, watch the anhingas, peer down at the stingrays, watch the clouds, bask in a sunrise, bath in one of our glorious sunsets -in short, to get out there…

…and just


-Frank in Miami

hardly. just trying to find the perfect combination to Paddle On. Maybe it is a combination of ignorance and skill level but I am really saisfied with what I have, which seems to be a pretty strange occurence, hence the comment about being “done”.

took the SOT out with my son yesterday…priceless moments while he tried to catch a big bass in the lake. Tried to go out to the ocean yesterday morning but the waterspouts kept us off the water.


confused as to your Pungo remark
Does this mean once a Pungo has hooked you into kayaking you keep buying more boats?

I long to find something stable like the Pungo which will be longer, a bit narrower, and speedier.

When I get down there in Jan and
Feb. I am going to get in touch with you and take you and your son out in my Jensen 17.

We can do the Turner River or Nine mile Pond Canoe Trail in the Everglades, or any other place, and I’ll make a lilly dipper out of you.

He can sit in the center and enjoy the ride, and Nanci can paddle her little QCC.

I’ll show you how simple it is to make a sliding seat, and then you can pick up a tandem but trim it out by putting him in the bow and you coming way forward.

We can invite Scupper Frank and Sally if they are not off on some road trip.



that woudl be great Jack
Just let me know!


mmmmm Rock hopper?
wonder how it would do in class 1 and 2 rivers? Everything I see talks about surf and rock gardens.


take a peek at this
tempeting…if only there was one in the area for me to sit in…

The RH340…

have a friend
who will be opening a shop soon and has indicated that he is trying to be the distributor for Rock Hopper. If he does that he would be sitting on a gold mine IMO.


try a canoe
I’d suggest a Bell Bucktail or Rob Roy for a kayaker interested in a solo canoe, especially if your wife found conventional high-seat canoes too tippy. Plus, you don’t have to buy new paddles.

The Bucktail is very light, responsive, and tracks well; it’s a really fun little boat. Similar boats are the Hornbeck and Vermont Canoe’s Tupper. The Tupper is a beautiful boat with superb secondary stability - doesn’t track quite as well as the Bucktail. The Hornbeck is super lightweight, also doesn’t track as well as the Bucktail.

Anyone I know? Anywhere nearby?
I only know one guy crazy enough locally to consider a shop (again).

RH is a cool boat - Good fun boat for intermediates and up in rougher stuff, good beginner boat for quieter stuff. Could make them safer to inventory than most.

Not really a S FL boat though. Just not enough rocks or decent surf. Our rips suffer from low tidal range - and are chronically clogged with yachts, fishing vessels, and all manner of craft than might find playboaters more than annoying…

I suppose for short coastal touring and light duty surfing use they might fit in somewhere. So would a 12-14’ touring waveski…

looked at it
wouldnt class rivers rocks break off the fins?

those SS blades???
think of what would happen if a surfer dropped in on ya!!!

i am in RI and have been interested in this boat since it first came out over in the uk…trying to find one-there was a rumour that someone up here bought a couple…but unconfirmed…