Am I done?

Up to this point I have always had another boat, or another style of boat in the back of my head. When I first bought a kayak in July of 05, a tempest 170 rm, I was ecstatic. but it only took a month or two before I was looking for a lower volume faster boat.

Now a little more than a year later I have a skin on Frame by Peter Strand (an incredible roller and pretty fast boat too) who like Medicineman who just picked his up, I recommend very highly for not only price point but for quality and customer service, An Outer Island in fiberglass that has been fantastic as a point a to point b boat, an easy roller, and a fast fast kayak, and I just picked up a Nigel foster Legend which is incredibly maneuverable, and also a great roller and fast while allowing for adequate storage and camping.

And for fun in the sun we have two Ocean Kayak Scupper Pros which I still feel are the best sot’s ever made so my wife and I can go have fun together.

Amazing. The differences between the boats pretty much avoid any significant overlaps in performance and are very specific so I don’t feel as if there is any waste. Depending on what i want to do I have a boat for it. hmmm

have I reached nirvana? In just over one year???

Of course there are boats I want but it would be hard to find a boat that is completely different from what i now have… I even gave up on the Arctic tern at 14 feet when I saw that my Legend turned as easily in the mangroves as Greyhawks tern!

of course if I get near rivers and creeks we go in an entirely different direction…


Hey Y’all. Watch Eeeiss.
What, no surf ski?

A squirt boat could be a lot of fun.

Once you taste Pungo
you never go back

Rock Garden Boats?
Well, anything you are willing to take into coastal rock gardens yet? Highly recommend picking up a used RM DS Elaho for that as long as you don’t mind dumping water out of the bulkheads periodically.

Maybe not around you, but WW beckons as you go into 4 star training conditions since those skills come into play. Of course part of it is that we live inland where the ocean is far but lower class WW is readily available from rivers with controlled dam releases. So it’s the best bumpy water around when not in Maine. And used WW boats are so dirt cheap compared to sea kayaks they are hard to resist - iot’s like picking up candy. Just brought home a Dagger Piedra yesterday, river runner for Jim still to be found.

Never done
Hi Paul,

Someone on this board once said that you need enough boats so that when you swap one out, your spouse doesn’t notice .

I have:

OI: fast point a to b and rolling

PH Quest: expedition camping

Pintail: surfing, rock garden play, teaching

Mark Rogers Artic Hawk: all around, sentimental

Capella: first boat, now loaner

Dagger RPM: River, pool rolling

Am thinking of selling the Quest and Artic Hawk and getting a Force 4. Oh, am planning on building a SOF or one of the Yost rollers.

If I were you, I’d add a Pintail or an Anas Acuta. Fun to surf and play in tight spaces with lumpy water.

Sometimes I envy folks who paddle an NDK explorer and nothing else. Reminds me of how much I liked wearing surgical scrubs–never had to think about what to wear!



It’s not the boat, its a state of mind
There will always be another boat out there that does one or two things better than your current one. If you’re like most of us, you are weak-willed and frequently obsessed with the acquisition of new material possessions. Magazines and the ads on pnet prey on this weakness, cultivate insecurities that lead you to believe you NEED that new thing to get to the next level.

You’re done when you can resist all of this psychological manipulation and find total peace and contentment with what you currently have. If you get there before I do, let me know how it feels.

What no Canoe?
Seems kind of weird that you do not own a single canoe. Also if you do not want to buy any more boats, then definately stay away from the nicer rowing craft.

that’s the problem
I have the nicer rowing craft.

Only thing different would be weight.

Not even sure a Pintail or an Anas would do that much more than the Legend. It really is that good.

btw, I am trying for the canoe on the pnet contest…wife not crazy about canoes but no real experience to make that opinion valid.

A river runner or a whitewater boat is a probably option if and when we move up north.


new avenues in paddling

What about a Seda Glider? The boat is faster than anything you currently own. It could open up a new mode of kayaking for you; racing. I’ve got my eye on one up here in Jax.


further thoughts
I think that I have the tools to be able to explore lots and lots of aspects of kayaking now. I guess what I am trying to say is that I haven’t gotten near to the potential of these boats and further aquisitions would probably delay that even more. there are only enough hours in the day as it is and I try to take a different boat out every day. right now I get each boat on the water twice a week. scupper pro one day but that is family time.

Not sure how productive another boat would be right now. I really really really hate to see a boat unused.


Good boy
Don’t listen to those devils tempting you to buy, buy, buy. Contentment is good.

Brothers and Sisters
"Someone on this board once said that you need enough boats so that when you swap one out, your spouse doesn’t notice . "

I am here to tell you that I have achieved that state.

Time to stretch out …
Now you’ve got the equipment really go someplace with it.

The fun isn’t in owning a quiver of boats, it’s putting them to the test. It’s looking at an obscure island off the coast of Mexico on a map and knowing you paddled there and lived to tell the tale. Go to someplace with cold water and get some new experience. Paddling in the keys, Islands off florida, Caribbean, so many places to explore. Boats are just a tool.

I’m hoping to get him out…

…when the weather and the bugs take a break. Where how a boat paddles is less important than being there. The boat is just a means to an end and besides they all paddle much different when loaded.

When I have been out no one even pays attention to what boat you have… People are more concerned with each other’s stoves and tents.

It isn’t a rational process
Itemizing your boats and liking them to purposes is irrelevant. You always need one more boat and always will. And you will always be able to construct a perfectly rational reason for your next purchase. Resistance is futile.

Hey Paul
Try a canoe, and then you can really add to your stable.

Start with a Coleman and progress from there.



got my wife to sit in a canoe once and she didn’t like it. Felt it was too tippy. Personally I would love to have something like that to take my son with me or both my kids…problem is that my son, who really loves to go with me, isn’t big enough to paddle (7 yrs old) so I don’t know what canoe to get that would allow him to sit in front and fish and have me just paddle without it being a weight balance issue… suggestions?


7 is old enough to start
Most in my family had their own boats by 7. You can buy small paddles made just for children and they can really begin to help in the canoe.

An aquaintance in Wisconsin
had his 6 year old twins paddling section 3 of the Wolf river with him. He was in the back, they shared the front with their own paddles. Granted he is a very competent paddler but the kids learned a lot.

how about a solo canoe?
Start with a Bell Magic and spend tons of time learning how to properly paddle a solo. I guarantee you, acquiring the skills will keep you busy for at least another year or two. Plus, you can camp from it too. Hope to see you and Grayhawk out in the 'glades one of these winters.

We can compare stoves, tents and fishing equipment.