Am I too light for a Rockpool Taran?

Hi guys
I’m seriously considering buying a Rockpool Taran 16 but have doubts whether I’m too light for it. I weigh around 72 kg and stand 180 cm. Besides expeditions, I’d like to be able to use it for day trips and as a training boat unloaded and without using the rudder.
I have tried it once and experienced a lot of weathercocking going downwind i F3 conditions without using the rudder. Is this boat just not build for a light paddler to use unloaded?
I’ll appreciate your answer as I have a short window to make up my mind!
Cheer, Soren guy doesn’t seem big. Looking at similar sized boat in Current Designs line and their recommendations I would think it would be fine. Someone else may have first hand experience and know better than me. My friend was your size and paddled my CD Nomad was OK when he got use to it but probably not ideal.

I would ask over on the UK kayak forum as the Rockpool kayaks are not common in north america which is were most on this forum are from. I would love to be able to test paddle a Taran. Never seen one and doubt I will any time soon.

there are some rockpools around NY Area that have been sold and that I know people own.

@PaddleDog52 said:
there are some rockpools around NY Area that have been sold and that I know people own.

The only Rockpool I have heard of around has been the ALAW Bach. Never a Taran. BUT hey if there are any I would like to test paddle one. I have no idea where that might be? If you click on dealer for Rockpool only this Sea Kayak Connecticut comes up which doesn’t appear to sell anything but links you to another place that doesn’t have crap. .

Either way the UK forum might have the answer the OP asked about.

Thanks. I’ve posted on

Maybe this guy can answer you…

@DianeCetan said:
Maybe this guy can answer you…

Scott just completed the CT, Circumnavagational Trail. It is the 1500 mile round the state paddle of Florida. He paddled a Rockpool on the CT. His had a rudder. But he didn’t use it when we paddled with him.

Guy in following thread has one ask him woodyak