Am I too tall for this Kayak?

I recently got a Emotion Renegade XT. Its a 10ft x 3ft kayak rated for 325lbs. This is the first time I have even been on a kayak. I went with this one cause its max weight capacity and its wide width. Everyone said its really stable. It really is. I had no problems getting in and out of this kayak. I never felt once like I was going to tip over. The water was really choppy too.

But my main concern is my height. I’m 6’4" and 235lb. The kayak has molded in foot rest. I use the last ones and my knees seem to be bent more than others when I look at videos. I never once felt uncomfortable and I was out for 4 hours yesterday. I had no problems when paddling and never cramped up or anything. Thoughts?

I attached some pictures…

Seems fine
If it’s not causing you any trouble and you are comfortable in it, then I don’t see a problem.

You could always hang your legs over the sides or even sit side-saddle if your legs start to cramp up.

Sounds like you had a great time. Four
hours if a long time at one setting.

You’re fine
as long as you are comfortable ( 4 hours 1st time!) and it’s meeting your intended use.

Funny story: I have very adjustable foot pegs in my (longer) kayak so I can put them anywhere. But in situations where I need to have my knees bent for “more power” I actually use a piece of foam to make sure my (bad) knee is securely propped up from underneath. Because if we bounce hard I am going to have that leg braced in several dimensions to make sure I stay securely in my seat. You do things like this if you are older and not perfectly symmetrical anymore. Last year I was setting it up to launch and someone older who certainly meant well tried to talk me out of using my foam. “What’s that for?” “My knee.” “You don’t need that, you just adjust the footrests.” “Actually, I DO need that, my knee.” try smiling… doesn’t work. “You can adjust the seat, too…” at this point he’s pointing to the seat… what the…ok, enough, already. “NO, REALLY, I AM JUST FINE, I have practiced this a LOT and I need to have that foam, thank you. Especially with this life vest that changes the angle of my back against the backrest.” Now he looks sort of confused. But it’s true. I have left my very cheap comfortable pfd in the truck and have my “nice” vest with the alleged features for paddling, and the thing is going to drive my crazy for the next hour because the foam in the vest back does not dovetail perfect with the seat back I have. Please do not interrupt the foam jimmy. This is why I’m testing the seat adjustment out NOW before we get in the water. Geez.

See? You got this bent knee part figured out already. You look fine. Lots of other sports applications for the slightly bent knee. Very modern !

Thanks for the info y’all. My legs got pretty burnt so I’m taking it easy. Was really just planning on getting the feel but once I was in the water, time just went. I put in around 9:15am and got out around 1:30.

Hopefully I will get back out Thursday or Friday and bring the sunscreen this time.

You Did Good Dude