Am in the planning stages

For a road trip in late May. Plan is to go to Sudbury, Ont., Meet with a childhood friend and paddle Ramsey Lake and while I’m up there, Georgian Bay near Killarney. Be taking along this boat…

Where were you planning to put in and paddle to near Killarney? I’m pretty familiar with this area if you’re wanting any local tips.

One initial tip is that the water will be VERY cold still in late May.

Have dry suit will travel

Ok then… No tips for you!

Have been there before, fairly familiar with the area. Thanks

@Andy_Szymczak said:
Have been there before, fairly familiar with the area. Thanks

Well then, I’m left wondering what the point of this thread is. Were you just “letting everyone know”?

Frankly, I was a bit put off by your seemingly curt response to my helpful offer. It will make me think twice before doing so next time with someone else, and that’s very unfortunate.

Not curt, but quick. Didn’t mean to come off like that to you. I spent my childhood in Sudbury. When I was a kid, my father used to row me around Ramsey Lake, just want to come full circle. Have paddled the French River to Georgian Bay, via one portage. Have had fish and chips from Herbert’s and paddled all around Killarney and Manitoulin island.

Thanks for clarifying that. It’s easy to read too much into what someone writes and make assumptions.

It’s nice to see you guys make up and become friends once again. I’m a bit teary eyed right now.
And I learned a lot too. I thought Killarney was in Ireland.