Am seeking paddling buddy

am seeking a paddling buddy but not sure where to look, anyway, since lack of a better site/forum for me to be on that’s more local to me which there are none so am doing so here, am in nova scotia, Bridgewater area. bought myself a new sea eagle fishing fast track angler last spring but well unable for the first summer to find a paddling/or kayak fishing buddy so am asking on here . am 29 but age and gender do not matter to me for who im looking for im not picky as i cant afford to be. well maybe by summer 2022 i might be lucky enough to find someone to enjoy my new favorite hobby with.

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Facebook or other social media may have groups with paddlers from your area.

But really, you also can enjoy the water alone and if you need to arrange times with others, you may not go out often. Then you also deal with a stranger’s personality, ability, speed etc. Going out with a friend is great, but make a lack of a friend not stop you. I get to listen to a lot of podcasts on my solo rides :slight_smile:

ok, thanks, didn’t realize it was inappropriate for me to be posting on here, would delete that if i could

Not inappropriate just not real likely to be successful. You might see if there is an outdoor focused MeetUP group or the like in your area. Also if there is an outdoor focused store in the area.

Not at all inappropriate for you to post here!

This isn’t what I meant at all. Your question was totally appropriate. I just meant to say this forum has members from all over North America (and the World). So only a tiny % will be close to you.

But there likely are quite a few FB groups for your area and every member on such group will be some what local to you. You may also look into local non-paddling outdoor FB groups (like State park groups, if they have lakes)

Some larger forums with many more members have localized sub-forums for exactly what you ask. But I don’t think is large enough to have local sub-forums.

You can try here.

ok fine

well if anything im just going to leave this up and well see if anything eventually happens or not.

Hope something works out for you, jared92.