Am wanting to reseal the bulkheads

in my roto Tempest 165. Have used 3M 5200 for this in the past but the local retailers say it (5200) is no longer made in Clear. Same situation with Lexel.

I don’t want to put white or black 5200 or Lexel and would prefer a clear sealer. Haven’t ever tried Sikaflex - would it work for this?

hippo patch tape
I’m done with other sealants. It is very easy to apply and does not leak. It lasts for a long time and there is no clean up.

any particular reason
…the need keeps arising? (from another Tempest 165 roto owner)

I use my Tempest 5-6 days a week
usually in coastal waters (SW Fl.) and keep it on the roofrack the rest of the time. The boat doesn’t lack for use! The last time I sealed the bulkheads was over 1 1/2 years ago so the 3M 5200 held up well for all the use. It’s just time to do maintainance.

Thanks for the replies.


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anyplace you can buy the long roll without paying 50% shipping? I just redid mine with clear Lexel but thought it might be good to reinforce with a tape-type seal

the ace hardware store down the road from me has clear lexel. lots of it.

I’ve never seen anything but clear Lexel.

Bill H.

Hey, thanks for the tip re Lexel and
Ace Hardware. I’d checked Home Depot, Lowes, and two Marine supply stores. West Marine said they can’t order Clear anymore. Ace had it and the Tempest will be handled this afternoon.