Amelia Island

I’ll be down in Amelia Island, FL for about 3 days next week teaching. Hope to also get in some paddling. Does anyone know where you can put in? I’m bringing my ski, so ocean put ins are what I’m mostly looking for, but nice back bay put ins are also welcome. Any experience with the Amelia Island Plantation- are they going to give me a hard time about bringing a boat, like the Sea Pines Plantation in Hilton Head?




There are some great paddling areas around Amelia! Many rivers, inlets, Cumberland Island, Bird island and other small islands, Nassau River, St. Mary’s River, etc.

Email me and let me know where you would like to paddle and I’ll get you info for put-ins, take-outs and other. You are going to an awesome place to paddle! Franklin

check out this site this is a great site,that covers the area just south of amelia.there is a free launch site just off of a1a called the alimacani boat ramp,you can paddle west toward the intracostal or east toward open ocean,make sure you check the tides it gets pretty strong around the bridge during tidal change.i paddle this area very often,ran into medicineman yesterday!you can also launch at kayak amelia check or at the city park on a1a

one more this is a great area to paddle have a great trip!

thanks everyone
very helpful.