American made paddling clothing.

Who makes American made water sports clothing?


USA made
Mysterioso and Immersion research. The stuff I have from them is

made in the USA, bought it last year. Bought a Kokatat PFD last year that was made in the USA, but a lot of them are made offshore now. Tkamd

Drysuits - OS Systems

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Made in the good ol' USA and they rock

Made with a three ply laminate consisting
of a micro denier, nylon/polyester base fabric,
a waterproof/breathable microporous barrier membrane,
and a tricot fabric inside layer

Sorry, I don’t mean to derail this thread, but I’m curious about something.

I belong to a family, a town, a state, a country, continent, hemisphere, planet, and universe. How do people decide which of those units they owe their loyalty to? What makes some people decide that they owe their primary loyalty to, say, a country rather than one of the larger or smaller other units? What makes people feel they don’t belong to one of the larger units that we are all clearly a part of?

Not making any assumptions about the OP’s reason for asking his question. But if he wants to buy American for a certain reason, I’m curious to know how he came to that preference.

I belong to a family
If someone in your family can do the job as well as someone half a world away, would you not like to see your family member benefit?

Sorry to contribute to the discussion since you did not ask me. But I have found skilled local craftsmen that make the products I want sometimes. Often these are specialty items and not mass marketed.

Which America is that ?
1.) North America

2.) South America

3.) Central America

I get my geography mixed up and I need a reminder

Which America made stuff were you looking for again ?

Here’s my loyalties in order.


friends and neighbors



everything else

I prefer to buy goods made in the USA because I live here and prefer to see the money stay here if possible.

USA made
OK, now that Bubba707 has this thread back on track, how about some more US made, paddling stuff. Thanks for the Wintergreen link Kayamedic, great stuff. Tkamd !
Thank you for support of the little guy !

How about Columbia? I like their stuff
but I don’t know if it’s American made.

I don’t think it is and have been
very disappointed in recent offerings. Fleece is thin and pills etc. Columbia used to be a great brand.

Z Surf-n-Fish aka Z Gear
Wetsuit vests & jackets with front zipper

I guess when Kate Smith or Ray Charles sang “God Bless America” they were singing about Guatemala. When people say “America” without specifying “North” or “South” it is generally accepted to mean the United States of America. After all, doesn’t the universe revolve around us?

Are you serious?

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Take a look at the American economy, manufacturing in particular. So many jobs have been lost to overseas manufacturers that pay their workers a pittance compared to US salaries. Production costs go down, CEO salary goes up, 1%'ers get richer, middle class disappears, etc. If I can buy a product that is better or equal quality at a reasonable price, even a higher price, and I have a choice which country benefits, to me it's a no brainer and somewhat (especially today) patriotic decision. To hell with overseas manufacturers and the CEO's (and by extension, the stockholders) that make the decision to cut American jobs to make a few extra million dollars for themselves.

Shazam! Dats exactly wat ah’s been…

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lookin' fer - dems neo vests an' made in de good ol' U.S. o' A. ta boot. Jobs fer aar own. Now iffin' dem's make dem wit a fatboy sizin' instead o' de usual 6' tall, 150 lbs. template it wood even be better - an' it sees dem's do.

Thanky kindly, Pilgrim.

hard to survive the market

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American Wave, for example, made really nicely designed and constructed wetsuits (I have one), including kayaking farmer johns, in their little family-owned and run shop in Idaho until this year. Just found out they are going out of business at the end of September and are selling out their remaining stock. And some of us may remember Bughead, a small east coast shop that made really wonderful kayaking tuiliks and other neoprene gear. They went out of business too.

I always try to buy from small outfits with domestically made products whenever it is an option, but unfortunately not enough people do that.

I heard on NPR over the weekend that there have been community efforts to have a "cash mob" day, similar to the "flash mob" concept except the participants gather at a designated small local business and each spend at least $20 there. It would be cool if we paddlers would all "cash mob" the independent businesses, both local and nationwide, that provide quality, innovative products with good service this holiday season, instead of dumping our money into the greedy coffers of Walmart and other megacorporations that mostly sell shoddy offshore made products, ruinously leverage domestic producers and crowd out the local competition, reducing the choices and quality of life for all of us.

Why is it
That those who scream “Buy American” the loudest are usually those who voted for the the de-regulation candidates that enabled manufacturing jobs to move overseas ?


consider it an investment
An investment into your local, statewide, or national economy. Follow where the dollars go after they leave your hand.