America's Boating Course

For those who feel the need to learn:

Might just save your life too!

Cliff, be honest now… Do you think
all of that would be worth the time for people who do not use powerboats or large sailboats? I could learn all I need to know about the rules governing powerboats and sailboats in ten minutes or less.

CG Auxilliary course

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It looks like this is the latest CG Auxilliary course. (I took the course a few years ago.)

You learn much more than power/sailing boat specific stuff. It is worth while and interesting.

I'd recommend the basic nav course too.

Thanks for posting this
I bookmarked the link but haven’t had the energy to give it a good look yet.

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The link works fine for me (and others)
The link works fine for me (and others)

Doesn’t look too bad…
and the cost isn’t unreasonable. These classes always have stuff applicable to non-powered watercraft. The first boater safety class I ever took was taught by a canoe instructor-trainer…

Skills and Seamanship
I am currently three weeks into the Coast Guard Auxillary’s 14 week Boating Skills and Seamanship class. I am doing it primarily to increase my knowledge of the “rules of the road” as well as some general knowledge stuff that I need to brush up on - i.e. knots.

Anyway, just in the first few weeks I have already learned several things that I will apply to my paddling. Surprisingly, the class is taught by a sailor, two students are sailors, one rower and one guy that just gave up canoeing for a power catamaran.

I have no doubt that this investment of time will make me a more skilled and safer paddler.

It all comes down to ignorance, a lack of knowledge, versus safety.

Eventually all boaters will need a license to operate any type of craft be it power, sail or human operated. This is already underway in most state legislatures. Mine will probably be the last generation that hasn’t required one. PWC already requires one in NYS. The rest will likely follow.

I just started last week
Good course so far, although the textbook could stand to be updated with kayaking more in mind (jet skis get plenty of print). Lord knows we have enough “where-do-kayaks-fit-into-the-big-picture” moments. In light of many questions here, seems like the CG someday might want to revisit the question too.

I took the Coast Guard class
…about 3 years ago.

It was 4 weeks of classes (evenings) at the local Adult Ed, but free in our district (in some other areas I think it costs $25 to $50). It’s the same class folks needed to get a jet ski permit.

I thought it was both interesting and very useful to me as a paddler. The class stressed safety, and gave a broader picture of the waterways and who’s on them.

And yeah, I passed the test. :slight_smile:

Coast Guard Auxiliary Classes like those of the United States Power Squadrons are designed around the State consortium of Boating Law administrators. That being said either class will make the mark on what “most” boaters need for information. However, the Local Instructor makes the class. Ask the instructor maybe he or she is a paddler too.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary can teach the ACA paddlesmart program not many instructors do though.

The powersquadron and the the auxiliary can provide a free safety inspection for your paddlecraft at any time if you want.