Amigos drysuit repair

Anyone had gaskets replaced by them ? Ok or not ?

They were quick and the repairs were spot on. I would use them again.

Yes, of course
I used them to replace all the gaskets on my drysuit and the replacement was timely and very well crafted- much better than my own lame attempt. Also fast, fairly priced, and easy to communicate with.

they are awesome
I use them for all of my repairs and have been very impressed.

Kokatat recommends using them.

similar experience
they were great.

Just to clarify
Amigos and others are authorized to do factory repairs. Kokatat doesn’t recommend them OVER their own service department. Nice thing about sending in to Kokatat is that while it is there, they do visually inspect the suit. They also test all their own repairs and will call you if they find anything else.

There has been many a paddler that sent in their suit for gasket repair or leak testing only to get the call that their suit is being replaced. only one that can do that is Kokatat.


I have bought a few gaskets direct from Immersion Research. They have been helpful and have great prices on repairs also.

One thing you’ll learn after owning a dry suit for a while is that seals often fail at times when you can’t afford to be without the suit for weeks while you wait for a repair. Learning to do it yourself is the best way to avoid these delays, as you can fix a suit and be back on the water in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks. It’s not difficult and doesn’t require expensive tools or jigs. You can purchase seals from OS Systems ( and other sources and keep spares on-hand for emergency repairs.

I have a “Dry Suit Repair” album on webshots with photos of basic seal repair procedures at:

Amigos Thumbs Up
Quick, good repair. Not overly expensive, and worth every penny just like the drysuit itself.

I’m not patient enough nor have a good place free of inquisitive kid hands to DIY properly –