An early Christmas

I was able to acuire a Mad River Whistler for a very good price, free. It need a small fibreglass repair, and the gunnels need to be replaced, one had been teken off, hence the need for the FG repair. other than that the hull looks pretty good.

However I can’t seem to find any information on this model.

Can any body tell me about this canoe, good bad or indifferent.



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According to this site, it was produced between 1987 and 1990.

Haven't found anything else yet.

You might want to contact Mad River directly and ask for any specs or other info they may have on the Whistler model.

I want to see some pictures when you can; I can’t remember what I had for dinner yesterday, but I can remember that boat! Here’s what I can remember from a couple decades ago.

Narrower than the Explorer, probably about 33" beam. Lower stems similar to some of the Blackhawk canoes. I am pretty sure it had a shallow arch instead of the typical Mad River shallow V. But these are things you can see anyway, you want to know what it paddles like. It seemed very easy to get up to speed with a good, easy glide when you stopped paddling. Initial stability was too little for my wife at that time, but I didn’t find it that bad. Secondary stability was good, though probably not that of a Mad River Explorer. Stems low, wind didn’t affect them much. IT WAS A BOAT THAT MADE ME SMILE! Alas, after a few test paddles the wifey said “No,” so I never took that aquamarine colored beauty home with me. I also remember the gunnels being aluminum instead of ash, a novelty for Mad River. It was a “Modern” looking canoe that was probably a bit ahead of it’s time.

If you don’t want it, and it’s that neat “Aqua” color I would be happy to take it off your hands! WW

How are the decks?
Do they need to be replaced? What’s the serial number (HIN)?

That was a great boat and greatly overlooked in it’s day.

Some specs…
Specs retrieved from a 1988 Canoe Buyer’s Guide.

Length: 17’2"

Width: 34" gunwale/ 30 1/2" waterline

Depth: 16 1/2"/13"/13"

Weight: 70lb proprietary/49 lbs fiberglas cloth

Usage: Touring

Retail price: $889.00 (proprietary layup)

$1,549.00 (fiberglas cloth)

Hull configuration: moderate rocker/asymmetrical/shallow arch/flare


Thanks for the review.
Yes it’s the aqua color, but it’s a bit faded, a paint job is on the list. The decks are toast, it gives me chance to make something nice.

Sorry, I’ll think I’ll keep it.