An extra item in my new safety kit???

Finally got around to buying that extra safety gear I’m supposed to have.

Went to the closest ‘retail’ kayak supply store since I really wanted to get a good look at what the items were. Settled on the Seatle Sports basic kit (Float, pump, extra whistle in the cute mesh bag. Costs less than float/pump seperately)

So - - I’m going through the contents more thorougly when I get home, and there is this extra package with a long bungee cord with a loop on one end and a clip on the other. I look at the Seatle Sports website, and I can’t find it. Isn’t heavy enough for a stirrup for the float, Seems way to long for a paddle leash (although I believe thats what it’s gonna end up being) - - - - so what is it.

Oh - and Greyak - regarding retail - this time there was actually someone knowledgeable at the store. I made a point of going back just to see what would happen. Nice helpful dude this time.

low q paddle leash NM

kinda figured.
If nothing else, it’s an extra piece of bunge cord and a clip - - - McGyver materials

take a stab at it
My SS paddle float came with a bungee just like the one you describe. So … I think it’s supposed to go with the paddle float! Maybe to keep it from ‘paddle floating’ away.

speaking of survival kits
this is one of my favorites…dont own it yet but am salivating:

Love the orange grips…
Makes it look more like a wilderness tool than a weapon…

well if i paddled in Alaska
i wouldnt hesitate but around here the 44mag will have to do :frowning:

I go with that.
Some people like to leash the paddlefloat to the boat. That does help hold everything together while you are messing with it but it is also one more thing to get tangled in. Your choice.

It’ a tow tether
if it looks like this:

Yep I’ll bt it’s a paddle float tether
Not your kit but this breaks it down

Nope - doesn’t look like either example
No ‘telephone cord spring’ to it, just a long bungee with a loop at one end and a clip at the other. Loop has a small piece of black tubing on it over the knot.

I initially thought it had a special purpose I was missing, but there is no refernce in the enlosed paper work in the basic kit.

Maybe I should contact Seatle Sports and find out. If I discover what it’s intended purpose is, I’ll let you know on these boards.