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My question is not regarding canoeing.

Has anyone cruised to the islands of New England?
I have been planning this trip with my wife for some time now. We are planning to trip to the Islands of New England on a small ship cruise. But I do not have much idea regarding traveling on a small ship. Any experiences?

Since this is the first time we are traveling on a cruise, we both are pretty excited and nervous at the same time. Will we have fun there?
The cruise is by the end of June. They are covering places like Newport, Block Island, Martha’s vineyard and will be cruising for 7 days. Is this the best time to visit New England? Any ideas regarding the must visit places and must try food there?
Please help me with this. Thank you so much.

What cruise line and exactly how small is the ship? I gravitate towards river cruisers as a criteria for small, that is around 150 passengers. I just knocked around and suspect you will be traveling American Cruise Lines, maybe on a ship with a passenger load down around 100.

As to that time of year, just plan on bringing rain gear so you can do one of the excursions even if the weather is imperfect. You will be docked near some of the better areas to poke around anyway, so figure a lot will be done on foot. You are likely to be a bit south of the wetter weather that Maine has in June.

I can’t tell you more than you can get by knocking around on the web regarding the places you will be visiting. I suggest taking full advantage of any on-board experts in the local area and seeing if they have devices to get you out on a self-guided tour - many of these cruises do now - so you can just go out and explore yourself. Many of these devices now also have some GPS built in, so if your smart phone is out of juice the tour unit can get you back to the ship.

I looked at the amenities and even if I got the wrong line and ship it looks pretty similar to river cruisers. A good company will make it pretty brainless to enjoy yourself in unfamiliar places. For ex on river cruises guests generally check out and in again from guided excursions. So if someone has gone missing or is inexplicably late they know.

The ships tend to reposition at night so guests have a full day at the places to visit. Leave in the morning, back by dinner time and the ship often takes off during dinner. This is not a problem - any decent line is falling all over itself trying to have better food than the other guys. You will not be hungry or feel poorly served unless one of you is on an extremely limited diet. For insomniacs like me, night time travel is a nice opportunity to hang out in the lounge or on your balcony and watch the lights go by at some wee hour.

If you have guided tours keep some singles in your pocket to tip the guides. They are often local folks with whom the cruise company contracts, and don’t get tips from the cruise line. Tips on these cruises are variable, your cruise line may include them or they may be separate. Look around on the web site or at the more detailed materials you have been sent, tip guidelines for on-board staff are always included.

This is a very easy way to travel, and you will find that small ship cruisers are an easy bunch. It is a different decision than big ship cruises and passengers expect to interact with new people. The floating cities have lots of programming that makes it is optional to actually get to know your fellow passengers.

I don’t know anyone who has tried a small ship cruise like this and not loved it, except for one person who really is a big ship kind of guy and tried it as an experiment. His instincts were correct, he liked it but didn’t love it compared to the 24 hour partying of the floating cities.

Saw those cruise boats several times as I cruised the same areas on my parents, the my sailboat. Fantastic waters in my opinion. Not sure where your interests lie, but Newport is loaded with tourist destinations. Mansions (the Breakers is the king ), Cliff walk gives you a class 2 walk with ocean to one side, mansions on the other. Just jaw dropping yachts, I love Newport and will hit the J class regatta in August. Block Island, Small, but picturesque. If you want to get drunk, which seems a popular pastime there, there’s plenty of bars on the main drag, and a few by the marinas. Personally, I found the diving, surfing and bicycling great there. Used to bring my canoe on the sailboat, and surf it on mild days, paddle the salt pond on others. Take a bike or moped out for a few hours. Beautiful island. Been awhile since the Vineyard for me. I recall 5 towns, each quite unique. Menemsha, fishing village, Oak Bluffs (guessing you’ll be docking there) very touristy, very colorful gingergread cottages. Edgartown, just saw that from our boat, but we were anchored off a party the Kennedys were having.
June can be cool on the water…or hot lol…it’s New England. Swimming probably out unless you’re a polar bear, or a lunatic like me.
Enjoy. Not into cruise ships, as I sailed all my life, but those ships are small, intimate, get you into the heart of things from what I saw.

Got me thinking…dang, been all over by boat, from Central long island sound out to Nantucket…great waters. Nice having someone else doing the navigation lol…

Take it from a New Englander, it’s a great trip! Each stop is unique and interesting. I have been to Block Island and Martha’s Vineyard but never Newport(maybe because it’s to close, 100 miles). Enjoy your trip!

Newport Block Island and Martha’s Vineyard are places I have not been to for a long time… I do fondly remember Block Island for its lighthouses and biking… You can rent bikes there… just buy whatever food for a box lunch you like and sit and enjoy the view

I was thinking oboy someone found a small cruise ship that launches kayaks off the coast of Maine to island hop in some of the calmer more secluded areas. That sounded exciting… We did a similar small ship cruise in Glacier Bay National Park for a week and it was wonderful… launch kayak. had box lunch did kayak tour… went back on board ( they used jet ski ramp so you never got wet) had dinner. Expect cabins to be just for sleeping and welcome to the wet bath. Dinners ought to be good.We did a schooner tour for a week in Maine one June before we moved here and the food was excellent on board. Just as well cause the restaurants in some of those towns get crowded. We anchored every night in a different spot.

Bring fleece… It may be hot in port but it wont be underway on the water. Does your cruise get to Maine?
Edit I did some research and this seems to be your cruise

Sorry for the diversion into memory land.