Anas Acuta and Greenlander Pro???


I just got a Greenlander Pro and really love it. I really like the hard chines and the way the boat feels on the water.

I am wondering if the Anas Acuta might have a similar feel in a shorter / higher rocker play boat. I am thinking that it may make a better play boat companion for the GP than my current Avocet (which was the companion to my Aquanaut).

The Avocet and Aquanaut made a good pair, wondering if the Anas Acuta might make a better play boat for me now.

Of course the best solution is to go out and paddle one, but I don’t know of any nearby which is why I ask the question.

I guess my assumption is that since it is a hard-chined, Greenlandy style boat, that it may have a similar stability profile and feel to the GP in a livlier and more manueverable packsage.

What do you think?



Avocet RM?

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If your Avocet is plastic and by play you mean wandering about in rocks, then it might be wise to keep it for play. If by play you mean wander about in the rocks, I was reminded yesterday why it is THE boat for that stuff. Saw someone misjudge a modest swell in their almost new Explorer and ended up with a 6+" segment of gelcoat damage and at least one segment where the glass was rather spongy underneath. If he had been in an Avocet RM, it would have at most been a gouge in the plastic based on a few bangs into rocks I have stupidly done in mine.

Otherwise the AA is a addictive boat and when paired with a GP it is seductive.

Well said
on both points. The Avocet RM takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. And I agree also that the Greenlander and the Anas make a great pair. Like you said, the Anas has “seduced” me enough so that I don’t mind the occassional gelcoat repair; the paddling pleasure and thrills are far worth it!

Anas acuta will turn so much easlier then avocet.

Real fun boat. I sold pintail to possibly pick

up AA.

Anas and Greenlander
Hi, Matt.

I paddle a CD Caribou and an NDK Greenlander; my husband’s boat is an Aquanaut, and I’ve also paddled an Avocet for a couple of day trips, and an Anas for a few hours.

There is a much bigger difference betweeen the Anas and the Greenlander, than between the Aquanaut and the Avocet. The GPro tracks harder than the other boats, and the Anas turns on a dime. I think they complement each other quite well, in that they require a different set of skills. Each is fun for different reasons, and I’m planning to get out a few more times in a borrowed Anas, hoping for textured water of some sort, to see if I’d like to get one.

IMHO, anybody who loves both an Anas and a Greenlander equally well, has a really well-developed set of paddling skills. BTW, both boats have a reputation as being easy to roll.



would this
’segment of gelcoat damage and at least one segment where the glass was rather spongy underneath’

have happened in an older Nordkapp?

could be
I have had a greenlander (not pro) for some time and picked up a pintail recently. Ancestry of the pintail goes back to the AA but without the chines. I love the contrast, the pintail is much “slidier” but fun to play in surf with. Being that maneuverable makes it a confidence builder in surf and big seas (the greenlander feels great in these conditions also but a bit more challenging to turn).

One difference I notice is the layup. Either my greenlander was built like a tank or the pintail is an “elite” layup.

I have both

I have both boats. The actually are very different in their handling. The acuta will be much more nimble, roll quicker and a bit more solid. Whereas I never have a skeg down in the greenlander I often do in the acuta when paddling distance in any sort of conditions. The acuta will deal with surf very differently because it’s so much more nimble. I’ve never been rolled in the greenlander. . . the acuta on the other hand. . . Personally I enjoy the Acuta much more. In addition the lower volume will make it a much nicer rolling boat if you get into traditional rolling.