Anas acuta info please

Can anyone tell me anything about the ANAS ACUTA by valley?

Anyone have any xp with this boat??

I read some reviews but was looking for additional info…from the horses mouth, to say.

Thanks, jim.

Many out there
I believe the Anas was Goodman’s first sea kayak. There have been many threads mentioning the boat and there is much information available about the boat.

There are many Anases around. Two in my paddling group have one.

Atlantic Kayak Tours has some info up, any Valley dealer with depth in their website would also likely have decent information.

thanks, I managed to find info on
atlantic kayak tours, and on GRO. The problem is now, I can’t locate a Canadian dealer for Valley.


Anas Acuta
Lots of folks on the greenland technique forum have an Acuta. You may consider posting a note there.

Canadian Valley dealer
Pelee Wings nature store in Leamington Ontario

sells,Valley,NDK,CD,WS,Perception,Wavesport and others.

I’ve dealt with them for hatches for a Valley boat and they seem nice.



What do you want to know?
My girlfriend, her housemate and I all have Anas Acutas (and Pintails, but that’s another story). They’re great boats, especially in rough water. They’re not especially fast, but they’re very maneuverable and generally fun to paddle.

I got really caught up in the looks
and what was written about the boat…is this boat generally a rough water boat? is it able to keep up with composite capella’s or cd slipstream? p&h sirius?


That’s understandable
IMO, the Anas Acuta is the sexiest boat in production.

As for speed, it should keep up with the Capella or Slipstream pretty well, but the Sirius is a fast boat. My experience has been that differences in theoretical hull speed are only meaningful on flat water. The rougher the water gets, the less difference there is in speed. It makes sense when yo think about it, since you don’t have a consistent bow wave or waterline length in rough water.

Anas & speed

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Anas is a very sexy boat. Paddlers I know use it as a play boat. It is not a distance boat.
The Q boat (to be renamed Anas Acuta HV) would likely be better speed over distances.

According to Sea Kayaker tests, the fastest Brit style boats (i.e. least drag), thusfar reviewed are; at 4.5 knots the Azul Sultan, Kajak-Sport Vivianne, Foster Legend, and Valley Aquanaut. At 5 knots the order is Sultan, Legend, Viviann, Aquanaut. At 6 knots (according to SK) the fastest four Brit Style boats are the Legend, Sultan, Aquanaut, and Boreal Ellesmere.

to bynstrom and wilso
both the points make sense. True enough about hull speeds and really only being relevant on flat water. I’d like to own an ANAS ACUTA, especsially this summer. I intend to take to deepwater waves and surfing. I am lucky enough to work with an outfitter that has two oceangoing speed boats (aluminum and a zodiac), both are used for tours and working. The skippers have agreed to take several of us out further and allow us to play around in some of the bigger stuff in nastier conditions (love having trained and expierenced rescuers around).

I was really looking for a good playboat (but still a sea kayak) that could really take advantage of choppy conditions and large swells. (The area we are considering playing is on the east coast of Newfoundland, with a fetch from Ireland) Great sea conditions and a dramatic coastline (uninhabited).

Using the Sirius, I am anxious to check it out when using it for play. Usually I play around in reefs and some small surfing (usually using it to assist my direction of travel). I don’t know how it will be in the ‘playground’ of surf’ and deepwater waves.


Wilso, thanks for the list! That was interesting to read, there are two boats on that list I am not even familiar with.


Anas and Pintail
You’re quite welcome. The stats are only reference points, but they are informing.

The two sea kayaks that seem to be the most favored as playboats are the Anas and the Pintail. At least one regular poster here has both.

Both boats have reputations for excelling in the rough stuff.

Besides nypaddler, I have not heard of someone choosing to use a Sirius as a playboat. Tom Bergh told us that when June paddled a Sirius she never took it to play with them in the surf. I think there is a photo of June on the MIKCo site surfing a Greenlander Pro. The MIKCo folk frequently use Avocets for playing in the surf and rock gardens. There is a photo on their site of Tom doing so in one.

ya, i think you’re right on the nail…
the sirius is 17ft, which is a little longer than I would prefer to really be playing in. Its great for touring (even week long trips), but I do think i need something a little shorter…and I can’t seem to shake that “I want it” feeling from the ANAS Acuata


The Anas is very very sexy. That it also happens to be great in the rough stuff is an ancillary attribute.

Who has ever regretted having an Anas? It is a thing of beauty and allure without the demands of most other things as seductive.

Regarding your mention of 17’ - the Anas is slighly over 17’ - its overall is longer than your Sirius (though its waterline is undoubtedly much shorter.)

I heard a lot of good things about this boat. I truly believe that it probably deserves more respect than being called the “Anus Acuta”…by its very distributor: check out grokayak site, the typo is there for weeks.

Love It!!! LOL

lol, hilarious.
I wonder if anyone has emailed GRO to let them know. :slight_smile:


what a blunder


For surfing…
…I tend to prefer the Pintail, though I was getting some great rides on small(~18"-24") waves in the Anas last weekend.

The difference is in the rocker
The Sirius has a relatively straight keel line, where the AA and Pintail have a lot of rocker, which makes them much more maneuverable.

I just did.