Anas Acuta owners

Some help/advise please.

I am in the process of placing an order for an A/A (with ocean cockpit) & need to make a decision regarding the seat.

I am informed that the seat choices available from Valley are - glassed-in or foam, both from Peter O. (thanks again) & my Dealer.

I see from a search of this site that some owners wind up removing the glass seat pan anyway & installing a foam seat.

Since the only A/A I’ve paddled had a glass seat I’m just wondering;

If you ordered your A/A today, would you choose the seat in glass, or foam?

Any help would be appreciated.

Ok, this is me and not you understand, but I took the seat out almost right away for various reasons, comfort, boat control, rolling, etc., But each person fits in the boat differently. Once you take out the seat then you will probably have to put minicell under the deck as well because your legs will sit much lower in the boat. However, if you take it with the seat you can always take it out later without too much effort.

s_k: good luck on the Anas A.
Since you’re custrom ordering it, maybe they’ll cut a $100 off the price if you get no seat.

No seat at all
I prefer to make my own. There are pics of a fiberglass “seatectomy” in an Anas Acuta and the minimalist foam seats I prefer in my Webshots albums at:

cut the factory seat out, left the backband slits (like Derrick did), (only I have older Anas Acutas) Then I slid in a foam seat. I didn’t glue it, that way I can move it anywhere I want or take it out to sit on the beach on it. Lately I’ve been just leaving it out and paddling on a 1/4 inch piece of minicell. Better for Balance bracing, and just as confortable for my dead end.

I pad the boat down to me from the deck with pieces of 1 inch foam sheets if I really want a masik for long time rolling (prevents black/blue & green/yellow on the hips) otherwise I also have minicell pads glued in alongside the kneetubes.

(the 2 on the right are Anas Acutas)

best Wishes


How did it feel when you paddled it?
Some find the FG seat comfortable and some do not. Some need to remove the seat to get the boat to handle to their liking. If either apply, then a foam seat makes sense. Otherwise the FG seat would be fine. If you have not paddled one enough to know either, I’m not sure how you can decide. Certainly not by asking others who may have reasons that would be completely inapplicable to you. In that case getting the FG seat would give you the option at least.

Seat height and location have a major influence on how the boat works. Some use foam seats for comfort, some to dull the boat to the point it is in their comfort zone, and some to get the center of gravity down to where it should be. Its not a which is best question.

Its a great, high spirited boat, don’t mellow it. Let it teach you to be a better paddler.

My $.02.

Bought my Anas in 1990
And find the stock seat to be perfectly comfortable for me, your milage may vary.

I never worry about the seat when buying a kayak. You can always rip out a stock seat and make your own out of foam if necessary.

Greg Stamer

Stock Galss Seat
I like the Glass Seat. It seems that most people that try my boat don’t care for the seat, it pinches their thighs. I think it is mostly due to hip width. I have pretty narrow hips, so the seat works fine for me. I agree with others here, order it with the seat, you can always cut it out.