Anastasia State Park, Florida question

Has anyone ever stayed there, and if yes how are the paddling opportunities.

We will be using it as a stop over on our way to south florida and when we saw that they rent canoes figured it must have some decent paddling, so we added an extra day to dip a paddle.

We will have our canoe as well as our kayaks, so any heads up on which to use, good routes to explore, etc would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Timucuan Preserve
The Timucuan Preserve is close I think and should be a place to explore…I’m headed there after the symposium at Sweetwater so I’ll know more after early March.

We will be on our way…
…in another couple of weeks, so that will be too late.



I live thirty minutes away
Greetings JackL

If you will bring your pfd’s and give us a little heads up, several of us from the local area kayak club, FSKA, will take you and your wife out for a paddle.

Guana State Park is close to where you are staying. We can supply the boats, paddles, skirts, etc., put in in St. Augustine and paddle north eight miles to Shell Bluff. This bluff overlooks the Intracoastal Waterway and is an old indian shell mound. The area is pristine and the views are tremendous. It’s a great paddle. We could also paddle out into the ocean and play in the sound if the other paddle sounds to tame. Although the waterway can kick up and there are usually some big boats that pass by. There are several other great paddles close by as well. Let us know when you are coming and we’ll happily act as boat outfitter and guide. Franklin, Florida Sea Kayaking Ass., Inc.

Thanks for your generous offer
I sent you private e-mail.

You can pick us up at the airport the night before, and treat us to a steak dinner at one of the finer restaurants.

In the morning please pick us up and have a QCC-700 and a Epic-18 waiting and a gourmet lunch packed.

I almost forgot: A support boat with bottled spring water and fresh fruit would be in order also.



Schooner Freedom
If you have time you may enjoy an evening sail or Ghost tour on the “Schooner Freedom” in St Augustine. Anastasia State Park is a nice park for camping, also very convienant to St Augustine.

Bobby G

Naked Surfing
Back in the day when Anatasia was a drive on beach, during the week you could find a really private spot to surf with no one in any direction. I hear you can’t drive on the beach now.

you asked for it

Have fun in St. Augustine and I hope you come in first this year at the B&B. Although second sounds really nice. I don’t think I’ve ever come in second place at anything! Pretty Good!

The Gypsy Cab Company (on the island) is a really good place to eat, lunch or dinner. It is very close to the light house on the east side of the road, located on A1A. You will pass it as you drive from down town to the light house. It will be on your left. The cost is not too high. It’s a definite place to eat. For our information, being a senior of the seniors in the racing class, how old are you Jack?

By the way, I know it’s not an issue but the St. Augustine Inlet can be a lot of fun…in a bumpy kind of way. Franklin

If I had two days there, we would
definately head to St Augustine Inlet. It sounds like a place that would keep us on our toes…er, I mean edges, but unfortunately we will only have one day.

On the other hand if they are predicting a snow storm here we will get out of dodge early and just might end up with a couple of days there.