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Been thinking about one of those clothesline anchor systems for the canoe. A couple of questions though. It still seems to me that even if you adjust the anchor on the looped line amidships or anywhere other than at the bow or stern that in time the wind or current could work the anchor back to either end. Am I missing something? Or do you stop the looped line with a gripper cleat on the gunwale to keep it from slipping? Also what is the best way to rig the anchor line itself to your ring on the looped line? Through it? To it? Or what? Where a good place to get those mini pulleys? Thanks, and by the way I am not wanting to anchor amidships in any type of extreme conditions, just thougt when fishing tandem in a breeze it would be nice if both anglers were squared off with the targeted fish zone.

Here ya go…

Same basic proceedure as for kayaks:

You can modify their method a little here or there but after reviewing those two articles you should have a better picture in your head.

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Stainless micro-blocks can be purchased from marine stores that carry sailing supplies.  Be ready for a little bit of sticker shock.  They run from $6 to $12 each.  West Marine is where I got mine.<br />
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Go to   and do a search for item number 190597.  It's one example of a suitable block, the 404 @ $9.49 each plus shipping.  Other suitable blocks are available.  I found some at my local West Marine stores that were being discontinued and picked them up for about $6 each.  <br />
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Yes, run the anchor line through the ring.  Some folks use a float between the anchor and the ring and then ties a knot in the end of their anchor line that's small enough to pass easily through the ring but that won't pass through the float.  With this set-up if you ever have to make a quick release you can come back and retrieve your anchor.  Better yet... stay out of circumstance where you might need to do a quick release (exception is catching a huge fish that'll take you for a ride).  Learn how to tie slippery knots if you don't already know.<br />
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Zat answer your questions?<br />

Think I have it now.