Anchor Trolley Rig

I haven’t even purchased my first yak yet but going to get one for fishing lakes. Several times I’ve read about a trolley rig for the anchor. Maybe a dumb question, but why? Why do you want to move the anchor to different spots on the yak? Why not just put it overboard wherever you decide to tie it on. I’m sure there is a really simple answer & I’ll feel dumb for asking, but I haven’t figured out yet…Mike

I don’t know
I’ve been reading about these things for years and have no idea what the value is. I surely wouldn’t want the anchor off the side of a kayak - ever. Maybe in a lake it would be useful, but I fish rivers.

The trolley
allows you to move the anchor to the bow or stern of the kayak. When fishing in any situation where there is a current, this allows the kayak to turn with the current so you are not sitting broadside to the flow which could possibly inducing a capsize.

Think about it
If you drop the anchor over the side in the middle of the boat you will eventually go swimming in a current or wind or boat wake. If you anchor off the bow or stern you will go swimming as you try to crawl to the bow to grab the anchor rope. So you need someway to move the anchor rope from the middle of the boat where you can grab it to the bow of the boat where you can use it. A trolley will do. With my canoe I run the rope through a toggle at the bow and bring the end of the rope back to where I sit. This allows you to raise and lower the anchor but not pull it back into the boat completely. I have seen people use the same rig with a second short rope connected to the anchor rope with a loop that will allow them to pull the anchor back to the middle of the boat. While there different ways to accomplish it you need to have the anchor at the end of the boat controlled by you in the middle of the boat.


One more reason
DJO nailed the safety aspect. There’s also the casting angle. With a fixed anchor point, you may not be able to comfortably cast to the spot you want. Altering the tie-point swings the kayak to any angle you choose. That also helps stop the “weaving” that occurs with a single anchor.

I use my trolley with a drift sock, also. Same reasons apply.